New York Times Square illuminated with Ram Lala and Grand Ram Mandir at Ayodhya


Bhagwan Ram and Grand Ram Mandir at Iconic Times Square in New York

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New York, NY

Braving the subzero temperature in New York, a large number of crowd gathered at New York’s Iconic Times Square to Celebrate the Pran Pratishtha of Ram Lala in Ayodhya.

Mr Jagdish Sewhani President of the American India Public Affairs Committee on this momentous occasion said, “500 years of wait finally has come to an end. A dream come true for more than a billion Hindus all over the world. What we were waiting for more than 500 years, I never imagined that this would happen in my lifetime but thanks to our Prime Minister Modi ji that this dream of all Hindus all over the world has come true.”

Mr Sewhani further said that New York has become Rammay, immersed in the spirit of Prabhu Ram. As per him, this is a historical event not of the decade or century but of the last 5 centuries.

Jagdish Sewhani, Sadhvi Bhagwati, Dt Sheetal Desai at Grand Celebrations of Lord Ram Pran Pratishtha at Times Square, NY

Under the visionary leadership of PM, Bharat is not only growing economically but also culturally and spiritually, said Mr Sewhani.

Mr Sewhani further said, “We are so lucky and so blessed that we are watching Pran Pratishtha of Ram Lala and Bhavya Ramji Mandir in Ayodhya in our lifetime, something like this I have never seen in my life.” He wished further, “Sab Ko Bahut Bahut Badhai.”

“Look at this excitement or energy in NY Times Square, the most iconic place in the world, even in freezing temperatures so many Ram Bhakt have come to watch Ram Lala ji and Ayodhya Temple in Manhattan, where Ram Lala and Ayodhya Temple are illuminated on huge screens, thousands of miles away from Ayodhya. Today, we are celebrating Diwali in New York,” said Mr Sewhani.

He added further, “I distinctly remember many many years back in Ramjanmabhumi Andolan, we used to say here in New York, ‘Saugandh Ram kee Khate hain Mandir Vaheen Banayenge’ and thanks to our PM that dream has come true. Modi hai to mumkin hai.”

The golden period of Bharat has started from now on. This is the beginning of a new era for Bharat, said Mr Sewhani.

As per him, today here in America, top Fortune 500 companies have CEOs of Indian origin, one-third of Silicon Valley engineers are Indians. Bharat is unstoppable under the leadership of Narendra bhai Modi ji.

Mr Sewhani further said that in the coming years, Bharat will not only be an economical super power but also the spiritual power of the world. The whole world will come to Bharat for direction.

This is the new Bharat, a true world leader under the visionary leadership of Narendra bhai Modi ji.

Sadhvi Bhagwati, Amba Sharma, and a few others also spoke at this Grand Celebration of Pran Pratishtha of Bhagwan Ram.

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  1. Hello, it without doubt was a memorable event.
    But, it’s unfortunate that those who really are responsible for making it a reality have been completely and purposely ignored do all the credit can be taken/ given to Modi who had next to nothing in getting this done. The case for this had been going on for over 100 years. Sri Advani had lead the group that tire down the Masjid. He went to jail for that. And, there were many others who actively worked, talked about getting the Temple built. You will not find even one speech by Modi forcefully supporting the building of this Mandir. It’s s shame that he in a very conniving way has taken all the credit. He tarnished the entire spiritual, religious and proud momentous occasion by doing that. I know if his “bhakt” could they would take serious revenge against me for saying what I did. I challenge them to proove me wrong by producing concrete evudence

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