Infosys Prize 2023 goes to Bhargav and Karuna


The 2 Indian Americans have been lauded for their remarkable contributions to scientific research

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Bengaluru, India

Infosys Science Foundation (ISF) recently announced the winners of the Infosys Prize 2023 in six categories – Engineering and Computer Science, Humanities, Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences, honoring the accomplishments of the recipients and awarded them for their contributions to scientific research and scholarship impacting India.

The prize for each category comprises a gold medal, a citation, and a prize purse of USD 100,000 (or its equivalent in INR). The event was hosted at Infosys Science Foundation’s office in Bengaluru.

The winners of the Infosys Prize 2023 were announced by the trustees of the Infosys Science Foundation — Mr. Kris Gopalakrishnan (President, Board of Trustees), Mr. Narayana Murthy, Mr. Srinath Batni, Mr. K. Dinesh, and Mr. S. D. Shibulal.

The Prize in Mathematical Sciences is awarded to Bhargav Bhatt, Fernholz Joint Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University, for his outstanding and fundamental contributions to arithmetic geometry and commutative algebra.

The prize in Social Sciences is awarded to Karuna Mantena, Professor of Political Science, Columbia University for her groundbreaking research on the theory of imperial rule, and the claim that this late imperial ideology became one of the important factors in the emergence of modern social theory.

As per the release, Prof. Mantena’s book Alibis of Empire and related papers are landmark publications in political theory with implications for all social sciences. Her impactful book helps to understand that the dramatic shift in imperial policy, following the 1857 rebellion in India was not a straightforward reaction to this traumatic event but legitimated by a new ideology of indirect imperial rule that was carefully crafted by the ingenious conceptual work of thinker-administrators such as Henry Maine.

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