Cruising through the mighty rivers of India


Tourism in India is offering a new facet with river cruises, which take you through the rich and unexplored cultural and scenic beauty

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“India has everything that you can imagine, it also has what is beyond imagination. India can not be defined in words but can be experienced with heart,” said Prime Minister Modi. The recently held webinar by the Consulate General on ‘River Cruises in India’ on Saturday, October 14, highlighted India’s exquisite natural and cultural beauty and richness, which is absolutely beyond imagination. The river cruises take you to hidden treasures of India’s scenic delight, cultural nuances and rich traditions, which makes the experience extremely fulfilling.

In India, river cruises are gaining popularity too. Mr Randhir Jaiswal, the consul general said, “ India is a land of mighty rivers. During G20, we saw meetings happening across the length and breadth of the country,  there are immense possibilities now with regard to tourism.”

Moderated by Dr Varun Jeph, the Deputy Counsel General, the session was a breathtaking virtual journey into the beautiful world of India’s river cruises.  

Ms Antara Phoolkan, Director, Business Development and Design, Assam Bengal Navigation Co & Jungle Travels India, the cruise operator on India’s Brahmaputra and Ganges rivers,  navigated these mighty waterways since 2003 was the keynote speaker.

Brahmaputra River Cruises

With its blue rivers that often resemble the sea; green mountains that are home to leopards and elephants; and swathes of aromatic tea gardens forming the world’s largest tea-growing region, it’s easy to understand why Assam is a very special place on earth.

The river offers a snapshot of life in northeast India; a chance to explore country towns and rural villages, the river island of Majuli and ancient temples, as well as spotting the magnificent One-horned Rhino on a jeep safari.

The banks of the mighty Brahmaputra boast riches galore, from wildlife to tea gardens, walks through tiny villages to cycle rickshaw rides through country towns. With many places almost inaccessible on foot, a cruise is a leisurely, pleasurable way to experience the ‘real India’ in this often-overlooked corner of the country.


Cruises on the Ganges and Lower Ganges (the Hooghly) offer a chance to witness life as lived in riverbank villages and towns and marvel at ornate historic temples and monuments. A little-known but fascinating and culturally rich part of India, traveling by boat opens up areas otherwise largely inaccessible to the traveler.

Lower Ganges cruises operate all year round, while cruises on the Ganges operate in the winter months. Due to river conditions, we can only cruise all the way up to Varanasi in the months of August and September.

While a ship cruise has a large vessel but small cabins, a river cruise has smaller ships with like-minded travelers. The rooms are luxurious, larger and the views simply breathtakingly beautiful as you may wake up each morning to a different facet of village life, an island and its rich biological diversity. Certainly, India is to be experienced through the heart since each of the hidden gems here will resonate with you for long!

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