‘Hindustan Zindabad’ echoes loud in London


Sunny Deol holds a special screening of blockbuster movie ‘ Gadar 2’

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Sunny Deol starrer ‘Gadar 2’ is proving to be a resounding success in the world of commercial cinema, not just in India but abroad also. This patriotic film is creating wonders at the box office, earning close to Rs 400 crore in just 11 days.

To celebrate this success with his Indian brothers and sisters living away from India, Sunny Deol flew to London and hosted a special screening of his film, ‘Gadar 2’ at the High Commission of India, London, UK. At the event, he went on to deliver his powerful line: Hindustan Zindabad from the movie ‘Gadar,’ creating ripples amongst the Indian diaspora in London.

Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel’s ‘Gadar 2’ is having a dream run at the box office because of the nationalistic appeal of the movie. The dialogue, “Hindustan zindabad tha, zindabad hai, aur zindabad rahega,” in the powerful and soul-stirring voice of Sunny Deol enthralled a packed audience at Vue Cinema in Leicester Square on August 21, as part of the special screening of ‘Gadar 2’ at the venue. This event was exclusively organized for the High Commission of India in London, marking their first-ever screening of a commercial film.

Sunny Deol was overwhelmed with joy and spoke that it is beautiful to see the world celebrating his movie “Gadar 2” as he introduced a special screening of it in front of diplomats, community leaders as well as artists such as filmmaker Shekhar Kapoor. He even danced in his iconic style at the beats of the ‘dhol’ in front of his thousands of fans.

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