US-India relationship remains strong, says US in Republic Day greetings


India celebrated its 72nd Republic Day on 26 January, 2021.

On Tuesday, when India celebrated its 72nd Republic Day, the US government greeted India stating that the bilateral ties between the two countries remain strong through the democratic ideals the two share. 

The South and Central Asia Bureau of the State Department wished, “Happy 72nd Republic Day, India!” through a tweet. It stated that the United States joins India in honoring the day it adopted its Constitution, which is vital in transforming India into the world’s largest democracy.  In the tweet, the department added that the ties between the United States and India “remains strong, through the democratic ideals” both share.

As we have reported earlier, the White House stated that President Joe Biden values the successful relationship that the United States shares with India and looks forward to continuing it and hinted that Kamala Harris becoming the Vice President will lead to stronger India-US ties.

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