For 21 Indian students in US a single day matters, deported back


Airports in Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco send back aspiring students from 2 Indian states

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Washington, DC

21 aspiring students from the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were possibly deported back from the US on a single day. This was done after brief detention for document inspection by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The students were in a state of shock and disappointment because they believed they had completed all visa requirements and were ready to enroll in universities in Missouri and South Dakota.

This has caused a lot of time lost and a waste of resources and opportunities. This distressing situation becomes more severe because of the stringent rules of the US, particularly a five-year ban for those deported upon being deemed inadmissible.

These students were sent back from airports in Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco, as per reports. The primary reason cited for this deportation was lack of proper documentation and the distressed students were held in cramped quarters and threatened with jail if they raised objections.

As per a report, the US has instituted stricter visa regulations for international students in response to Covid-19, which could force Indian and Chinese students to return home or risk deportation. It was also stated that approximately 202,000 Indian and 369,000 Chinese students, a major chunk of international students, study in the United States.

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