Dr. Mattoo, Prof. Sridhar and the Mattoo Center for India Studies honored


Steve Bellone, the Suffolk County Executive recognizes their outstanding work

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Stony Brook, NY

Congratulations are pouring in for Dr. Mattoo, Prof. Sridhar, and the Mattoo Center for India Studies on being honored by the Suffolk County Executive, Steve Bellone. This honor is a testimony to the crucial role played by the team and the center.

The Mattoo Center for India Studies at Stony Brook University was established in 1997 to promote a better appreciation of Indian thought, culture, and civilization, by developing expertise and resources for studying India, for the benefit of the university and the community.

This has been nurtured by the dedicated efforts of students and faculty and the Indian American community. With the notable contribution of Dr. Nirmal Mattoo, President; Prof. S.N Sridhar Director, Center for India Studies; Prof. Kamal Sridhar Associate Director, Center for India Studies, the center has evolved to become an academic success story, a proud community asset, and a major national resource center on India.

The humble beginning was made for the India Studies Program with two courses in the Fall of 1995, Introduction to Indian Civilization, taught by S.N. Sridhar, and Elementary Hindi taught by Kamal (Meena) Sridhar, with about 75 and 50 students respectively.

Steven Bellone was sworn into office as Suffolk County Executive on January 1, 2012.  He is the 8th County Executive in County history.  He previously served as Babylon Town Supervisor from 2001-2011. He earned his Juris Doctor from Fordham University School of Law and was later admitted to the New York State Bar Association in 1999.

2 Replies to “Dr. Mattoo, Prof. Sridhar and the Mattoo Center for India Studies honored”

  1. Sushma Kaul says:

    Heartiest congratulations to Mattoo family.

  2. Sahani Arish says:

    Indian studies is the hindu thoughts no school no college and university is promoting till date . One book religions have converted human into a war machine killing one on the name of religion has been promoted and in last 2000 human history is been destroyed and new born human gets no education by hindus “ how a human should live “ Hindu studies is all about laws of karmas and reincarnation .

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