IACONA hosts and celebrates Indian Republic Day at the Royal Albert’s Palace


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Fords, NJ  

India’s 73rd Republic Day Celebrations program was organized by the Royal Albert’s Palace and one of the most-renowned organizations, the Indian American Community of North America (IACONA), on January 26, 2022 at the Royal Albert’s Palace, Fords, New Jersey. The event was attended by more than few hundred leaders, guests, dignitaries and elected officials. Onsite Covid testing were available, and adequate measures to control and prevent Covid-19 were adopted by the guests.

Program Included: Appetizer, Refreshments, FLAG UNFURLING (filled with flowers), National Anthems, Patriotic Indian songs by live DJ, Speeches by: Community Leaders, Chief Guests and elected officials.

The program started at 6:00pm and concluded at about 10:00pm.

The organizers thanked Albert Jasani, Swami Shri Sarvalakshana (Hare Krishna Temple), A.K. Vijayakrishnan (Consulate Gen. of India, New York Post), Dr Sudhir  Parikh, Dipak Shah, Dr. H.R. Shah, Dr. Sunil Parikh, Mihir Thakkar, Bhavesh Patel (Curry On, Jersey City), Mukund Thakar, Nilesh Dasondi, Hitesh Bhatt, Dhiren Amin (IBA), Mahesh Shah (IBA), Chandrakant Patel (IBA), Manharbhai Shah (IBA),  Dr. Jayesh Patel, Sunil Hali, Adam Rizvi, Dave Hines & Mr. Robert Minkler  from Woodbridge Fire Department, Piscataway Police Officer Tejas Patel, Retired Army Officers Hemal and Viral Patel, Representatives from the Hematology and Oncology Cancer Care Center at 530 Green St in Iselin.

The organizers also thanked Sriyam Institute of Indian Dance, Music and Culture for the stage performances, Justin from CovidEMT: who runs free Covid testing site on Green Street, Iselin, Sam Khan: who is a community leader and runs multiple free Covid testing sites, Ranjit Naik,  Bhagwatbhai, G.K. Patel, Popatlal Patel, Mayaben Patel, Pradip Joshi, Prakas Patel (ICS), Sonal Gadhavi, Babub Shah, Mahesh Patel (Passaic), The Royal Albert’s Palace, Anand & Swathi from JSW TV, TV 9 , TV Asia, Feelings Multimedia, Radio Zindagi, Radio Mirchi,  Irfan Ali, DJ Ajay Patel, Pankaj Bhrahmbhatt, Raja Bhatty, Madanbhaiya, Singer  Shri Umesh Patel, Photographer Shree Prashant Desai, Donors and the organizing committee.

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