‘The Passport Man of India’, wins the best inspirational award at the 5th Hongkong International Youth Film Festival


This film based on Dr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay and directed by Mr Dhanajay Bhavlekar has received global appreciation

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Hong Kong

The remarkable global journey of an IFS officer, Dr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay, is filmed as Passport Man of India, gypsy returns, which is a sequel to the film ‘Gypsy’, a film that received wide recognition in India and abroad. The film won the best inspirational film award at the 5th Hongkong international youth film festival. The film is produced by Neha S Anchan and Dr. SV Anchan, chairman, Safesea Group, co-sponsored by Tata Consultancy Services, and directed by Dhananjay Bhawalekar.

Dr. Mulay studied in a small residential school. His entire schooling happened in the Marathi language. At that time, there were no coaching centers or appropriate books available in Kolhapur. He wrote a letter to the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shankarrao Chavan. He wrote, “Dear Sir, I want to do the Civil Service examination, there are no books in Kolhapur.” Chief Minister, surprisingly then, called the chairman of his college, who in turn called the principal of the college. “The principal arranged all the books and said that henceforth, don’t write to the chief minister, tell me what you want,”

The Hongkong International Youth Film Festival is one of the important annual events hosted by the HKIYFFA. Based in Hongkong and Macao, supported by the Motherland and Facing the world, with the aim of ‘empowering the Youth, Enlightening the Future’ and the characteristics of ‘Theme Exhibition, social Interaction, International Perspective, and Cross-border Integration’, it’s committed to providing a platform for International exchange, learning, cooperation and expression for young filmmakers around the world, promoting creativity and development of young filmmakers around the world.

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