FISANA hosts successful Mother’s Day and Father’s Day


Edison Mayor Sam Joshi addressing the FISANA Guest during celebration of Mother's Day and Father's Day celebration

Vijay Shah
Edison, NJ

The first time Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebration over a Gala lunch was held on the 18th of June in the ballroom of Royal Albert Palace. The event was attended by over 1000 FISANA members including community dignitaries who were pleased to see the decorative stage and venue. With a packed agenda that included a few keynote briefing speeches by the President, Chairman, community-guest and music performances, award presentations, and charity donation initiatives. The Gala lunch proved to be a resounding success as per reviews at the time of departure.

The event commenced at 10:30 AM and President Bharat Rana introduced the host/emcee of the event Mr. Nishil Parikh who is a renowned Gujarati poet and highly literate in the IT field. During the delightful appetizers time enchanting melodies of Ganesh Vandana, provided a warm and welcoming ambiance as attendees enjoyed.

At around 11:30 AM, President Bharat Rana welcome Chairman Dipak Shah on stage who addressed the gathering by wishing Happy Mother’s Day to FISANA Mothers and Happy Father’s Day to FISANA Fathers. He said, “ In events like this when the gathering is over 600 paid tickets guests made FISANA remarkable to raise the power and inspiration to do more such kind of events.”

Bharat Rana then welcome Vice Chairman Dr. Mukund Thakar along with Ramaben Thakar. Dr. Mukund Thakar said very briefly “ Such an event is made for entertainment and fun with lots of food for seniors to enjoy. Wishing festivities to mothers and fathers of FISANA.”

President Bharat Rana, Dipak Shah, and Dr. Mukund Thakar during Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebration on stage

Mr. Kenny Desai, President of FIA walked in rush hours and was called upon stage and addressed the gathering that “FIA is proud of joining hands with FISANA and FIA has joined in welcoming the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi ji in Washington DC and New York. FIA welcomes you all to join FIA Independence Day Parade on August 20th, 2023 on Madison Avenue, New York.”

President and Chairman welcomed Edison Mayor Sam Joshi who highlighted in the speech that “Edison is so proud to have FISANA Organization host such magnificent gathering on Father’s Day and expressing the respect to Mothers and fathers of FISANA and communities.” Sam Joshi’s briefing gave progress in his 18 months of being mayor of Edison where he was able to do community work in school, road infrastructures, and business gatherings, and appealed to do registration for voting and to do voting either by mail or in person during election day.

Padmashri Dr Sudhir Parikh was also called upon the stage by Chairman Dipak Shah who addressed the gathering “ FISANA is in the heart of Senior’s as one of the old and larger organization in terms of years and members who time to time enjoy various events of community and Parikh Media always provide the platform to do coverage in TV and prints. Parikh Media has always extended support by media and will continue.”

Dipak Shah also invited Piyush Patel who addressed the FISANA guest. “I believe in supporting the community and at this age, being a senior, continue to support seniors community like FISANA. Whatever my self and my company can do for FISANA, will try to support so.”

Later on, Host Nishil Parikh invited Vice Chairman Subhash Doshi, and Passaic County Commissioner Bruce James, and all were welcomed with flowers by mother members of FISANA. During the honoring time, President introduced Kunal Joshi and Juhi Mehta from KZ Entertainment who donated almost 450 tickets to drama and provided entertainment to FISANA members at the beginning of summertime. Bimal Joshi from Golden Era adult day care was called up and honored for his services to FISANA.

Host Nishil Parikh welcomed dance performers Ms. Jinal Raval and Sia Rawal, who performed Bollywood fusion kathak and mesmerized the guest. Nishil also welcomed Uncle Pankaj Misra who performed the iconic song of Amitabh Bachchan well known as Amar-Akbar-Anthony and the performance was applauded with clappings.

The talented musician took the stage, captivating the audience with his mesmerizing performance. Host Nishil Parikh introduced Sanjay Shah with a soulful voice and musicians tunes and sound engineer Rajan made effective technicalities of sound.

The success of the event was a demonstration of the power of donation, as the celebration of excellence, and the FISANA umbrella organization of various seniors’ associations who donated with open hearts and commitment to giving back to FISANA. Edison, Woodbridge, Bridgewater, Ramilaben, Clifton, Union, Middlesex County, Dipak Shah, Dr. Mukund Thakar, Vishnu Patel, KZ Entertainment, Vipul Amin, Vatsalya adult day care, and other organizations come together for a charity donation.

As the guests departed, they carried with them a sense of fulfillment and a vibrant power of commitment to making a difference in seniors’ communities. The event not only celebrated achievements but also ignited a spark within everyone to strive for greatness, contribute to charitable causes and foster a spirit of unity and compassion.

In closing the vote of thanks by Host Nishil Parikh to all the donors and supporters.

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