Loka Kerala Sabha in the US inaugurated by Pinarayi Vijayan


Kerala CM addressed the Malayali community in the US for developing a vivacious Kerala

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New York City, NY

Pinarayi Vijayan, the chief minister of India’s Kerala state, inaugurated the American regional meeting of the Loka Kerala Sabha (World Kerala Assembly) at Times Square, New York during his visit to the US. The event was an occasion to connect with the Malayali diaspora and make them partner in the growth of the state by attracting investments. The CM will stay in the US till June 14 before proceeding to Havana, the capital city of Cuba.

Pinarayi said, after the event, “Had the honor of inaugurating and speaking at the Loka Kerala Sabha America zonal meeting’s public gathering, addressing a lively crowd at Times Square, New York. Their energy and enthusiasm were highly inspiring!” He was highly appreciative of the passion in the assembly while sharing their experiences and insights, to develop a vivacious Kerala.

CM was leading a high-level delegation to the US, including Kerala’s Speaker AN Shamseer and Finance Minister KN Balagopal, for meetings with investors and the Malayali community.

During his visit, the CM met and exchanged ideas with eminent Malayali industrialists, heads of institutions, and entrepreneurs to fuel innovation in Kerala and drive the economic progress of the state. In a meeting with the executives of the US pharmaceutical Company Pfizer, he discussed setting up the company’s research center in Kerala by utilizing the state’s expertise in biotech, bioinformatics, statistics, and applied math.

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