More than 350 distinguished persons and leaders from Republican Party and Asian American communities attend the launching of the Coalition, headquartered in New Jersey

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Fords, NJ

The Asian American Republican Coalition (AARC), headquartered in New Jersey, organized it’s Grand Launch on Wednesday, November 2, 2022, at Royal Alberts Palace, Fords, NJ which was an unpresented success with more than 350 distinguished persons and leaders from Republican Party and Asian American communities attended on a busy weekday. The group was previously known as SARC or South Asian Republican Coalition.

The event started with the singing of the US national anthem, God Bless America and citing Pledge of Allegiance. Sanjiv Pandya, AARC- VP, Public Relations and Media outreach and a well-known Media personality and well-respected Community Leader, opened the event by explaining the current environment in the US and what needs to be done to bring back its glory.

Hemant Bhatt, Founder and Chairman of AARC, in his welcome address, while welcoming the distinguished gathering, stated that AARC is very much inspired by the overwhelming support it received from the members of the community who shared the same values and beliefs for the Grand Old Republican Party. “It was then we realized that we need to take SARC to the next level to reach out the Asian American Community nationwide and that’s when the “ AARC” is formed with its chapters in Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia, Texas, Chicago, Florida and with many other states to join the AARC. In one of the most pivotal mid-term elections 2022 is shaping up to be a historic, decisive moment in American politics. It’s important to remind the Asian Community that the country faces significant challenges ahead and it’s important to restore the values and integrity of our country and Americans,” Bhatt said.  

Sridhar Chillara, AARC’s Founder and National President, outlined in detail the AARC’S Vision, Goals and Objectives down the road for its successful journey going forward. AARC is working on Civic Education, US Citizenship, English Learning and many communities outreach programs, among other goals. Deepak Malhotra, AARC’S Founder and National Vice President explained the importance of Voting to bring the desired change in these crucial times. Juned Qazi, AARC’s NJ President and The council President for Marlboro, NJ Township Council stated to the audience that AARC will become the nodal organization for Asian American Communities for their awareness about the subjects of interests of them. 

Jack Ciattareli, former NJ Assemblyman who ran for NJ Governor losing streak by only few thousand votes, in his fiery speech, stated that AARC is doing a great work and let us all work hard for our bright future. Steven Rogers, Member of AARC Advisory Board congratulated AARC and its team for successful launch and looking forward for its march forward.

Sue Kiley, Paul Degroot, Samuel Thompson, NJ Assemblyman, Edward Durr, NJ Senator, Dominick Nick Dirocco, Commissioner, Robert Bengivenga, MCRO Chairman and others spoke at the occasion. 

Dharmesh Patel, an active member of AARC, gave statistics showing how Asian Americans Communities can bring victory to the candidates running for office. 

AARC’s Event sponsors, reception committee members and other active members Mehul Patel, Roshan Shah, Nimish Patel, Ravi Patel, Dr. Jayesh Patel, Yash Pandya, Praveen Thadkamala, Dilip Patel, Pavan Kuchana, Ravi Kolla, Ashish Raval, Sarvesh Kumar Dharayan, Neeta Ramekar, VIjay Shah, Dilip Bhatt, Jinesh Patel, Samir Raval, Marthy Pillai, Atul Vadodaria, Bhargava Gorthy, Vasant Shah, Ankit Goyal, Neeta Tyagi, Anita Gupta and many have worked very hard with dedication to make the event very successful.

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