Global Indians: From Punjab to UK: “Follow that Dream” Chronicles Journey of British-Indian Entrepreneur Suresh Kumar


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Opportunity is never far from those who seek it, and for many British Indians, the sixties were far from swinging, as many migrants faced racism, name-calling, and hardship. ‘Follow that Dream’ is a newly launched memoir by British-Indian entrepreneur Suresh Kumar, which chronicles his family’s struggles and triumphs from leaving their home in Lahore, Pakistan, prior to the 1947 partition, to their eventual journey to the UK.
Chairman of Indra Travel Suresh Kumar is a British Indian businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, born in 1963 in Ilford, Essex. He established Indra Travel, a successful travel agency in East London in 1980 along with The Kumar Foundation and RCA to raise funds for various charities. A recipient of various accolades and awards, Kumar has served the community through politics, culture, and various social impact initiatives.

An honest account of struggle, achievement, and survival, the book is dedicated to the author’s parents, Pandit Kul Bhushan and Indra Bhardwaj, spotlighting the challenges faced by the first generation of Kumar’s as they started from scratch in new surroundings, trying their best to provide for their families while also trying to assimilate to an unknown environment and culture.

Through this journey, the author has delved into the stories of yesteryear, reflecting with family and friends on old tales and capturing them for posterity in this book. It has been an extremely cathartic and reflective process that covers mistakes made, achievements won, and crucially, the lessons learned.

As Suresh Kumar writes, “I strongly believe that it is only by taking stock of the past and where one has come from that we are able to make the most of our present and set a direction for the future.”

‘Follow that Dream’ is a compelling example of this, making it an insightful read. The launch of ‘Follow that Dream’ was supported by a special event inaugurated by The Mayor of Redbridge Cllr Thavathuray Jeyaranjan and supported by Dr Honey Kalaria. Cllr Keith Prince GLA Member for Redbridge and Havering was also present, along with Chief Superintendent of Met Police Carl Lindley and business and community leaders. A Bollywood concert was held to raise funds for The Redbridge Mayors Charity King George at Goodmayes, Queens Hospital at Romford, and One Place East Disability Charity in Ilford, Essex.

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