Community kicks off a campaign of support in favor of Lav Patel


Community leaders speak in support of Patel as they say democratic process must rule in the council election especially in a party with the same name

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Edison, NJ

In a major show of support and strength, leaders of Indian-American and other immigrant communities came together at an event to back Lav Patel in the forthcoming council elections on June 6.

Patel was recently democratically elected as a candidate through a screening process by the Edison Democratic Organization (EDO) along with three other candidates. But to the utter surprise of all in Edison, the County supported Democratic party leadership nominated and gave line to only two elected candidates. They nominated two candidates who lost in the screening process.

At the event, the community leaders spoke in one voice and were all visibly upset at the development. Dr H. R. Shah, CEO & Chairman of TV Asia, Sunil Hali, Publisher and promoter of The Indian EYE Newsweekly and Radio Zindagi 96.7 FM in Edison, Seema Jagtiani, Mahesh Bhagia, Chairman EDO, and Nilesh Dasondi, a powerful business and community representative amongst other community leaders spoke in support of Patel as they said democratic process must rule especially in a party with the same name.

All the community member spoke highly of Lav Patel as a favorite by dint of his qualities as a community leader, businessman and a person of high character. Lav Patel has built multiple businesses and is a frontline leader in community and cultural events such as Navaratri, the biggest event held in Edison. The event was attended by several respected senior leaders such as Bhagwad Patel, Popat Patel and many others.

With all communities supporting Lav Patel, it will be critical to see the party leadership’s response in the very important election in Edison this summer. 156 Committee seats are also up for election. The committee members are the basis of the Edison administration overseen by Mayor Sam Joshi, also an Indian-American and an emerging leader.

With about 30% population being of Indian origin and being led by a Mayor with Indian heritage, and now the community speaking in a single voice, Edison is set for a change that will empower the local administration. Edison plays a major role in New Jersey state government as it is the sixth largest town and contributes most to the Middlesex-county budgets supporting other neighboring towns.

The Indian community has grown exponentially in Edison in last three decades in all aspects of life and is looking for a major voice locally earned through democratic process.

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