Global Indians: Aria is the second K-Pop artiste from India


The 20-year-old Kerala girl is the second Indian after BLACKSWAN’s Syria

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The 20-year-old Aria, originally known as Gauthami from Kerala, has become the second Indian to join a K-pop band. The diva is gaining huge popularity in Korea and China. She has worked in the Malayalam movie Melvilasom, playing the role of Ammu. In China, Aria’s skills as a performer have earned her a devoted fanbase. Fans have been sharing her fancams and pictures on a Weibo hashtag titled “K-pop’s First Indian Member ARIA,” which has amassed over 90 million views and peaked at #4 on Weibo’s hot search list. 

Now, she has become the final member of the girl group X:in, which made its debut with an album called Keeping the Fire’ on April 11, 2023. The multinational group consists of one Korean-Australian member, two Korean members, one Russian member and one Indian member. Other members of the group include Nova ,Roa, Chi.u, and E.sha. 

Before Aria, Shriya Lenka from Odisha became the first K-Pop star from India. She joined the all-girl group Blackswan, along with Gabriela Dalcin from Brazil last year.

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