‘Rishtedar’ opens doors to Indian food and culture in Miami


Thadani, who started Rishtedar as an import business, aims to bring authentic Indian fare to Miami just as he introduced it to Chileans.

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Miami, FL

“Creating an experience that captures my heritage and can serve as an introduction to Indian culture was our aim behind Rishtedar,” said Vikram Thadani, the man behind this Indian ‘culinary experience’ who was born to Indian parents in Chile. “Rishtedar means ‘family’ and as soon as our diners step foot in here, we like to expose them to many traditions.” This Indian restaurant from South America has opened its first US location in Miami.

Rishtedar, a fine dining establishment from Santiago, Chile, has opened its first US location in Wynwood. Rishtedar Thadani, who started as an import business, said in a statement he aims to bring authentic Indian fare to Miami just as he introduced it to Chileans.

The Indian servings include samosas; eggplant in fresh onion, pepper, and tomato sauce; sesame breaded shrimp with 12 spices; and spicy chicken cooked in the tandoor with tikka sauce. This last dish comes with blazing charcoal underneath to add a touch of smoke. There’s also butter chicken; lamb marinated in onion sauce with masala; shrimp with curry and potatoes with peas and cauliflower in a traditional masala.

Mico Design & Co. with Gino Falcone designed the restaurant, which is full of bright colors and textures reflecting Indian culture. It is touted as an exotic and innovative place, where flavors intermingle with a first-class atmosphere, to bring the best of Indian cuisine. A cuisine with more than 5,000 years of tradition, characterized by masala but it has also evolved through history due to Portuguese, Persian, and English influences. Rishtedar is located in the Cube Wynwd, a boutique retail space east of Le Chick Miami and Crudos Fusion Art.

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