Indian-American community celebrates Mayor Sam Joshi’s achievements during his first year in office


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Edison, NJ

Indian-American community in Edison celebrated Mayor Sam Joshi’s first year of achievements. Hosted by Kunal Joshi with support from Dr H. R. Shah, Nilesh Dasondi, Anil Patel, Harshad Patel and Seema Jagtiani, the event was held at Kings Palace here.

Mayor Joshi is the 1st Indian to become the Mayor of Edison in 2022. Edison is the sixth largest town in New Jersey and has about 32,000 Indian-Americans in the town with a population of 100,000.

Host Juhi Desai Mehta, also a business partner with Kunal Joshi, opened the evening while greeting the mayor and the hall full with community leaders. Kunal Joshi commended Mayor Joshi for his accomplishments. Community leaders expressed their support to Mayor Joshi in years ahead.

Mayor Joshi shared his achievements and vision for road ahead. He spoke with a strong sense of pride on breaking the monopoly of “Optimum” and opening the opportunity to competitors like Comcast. Mayor has also built strong bond with different ethnic communities by celebrating festivals such as EID, Diwali and wonderland in Edison, all first time by any Mayor. He made a commitment to continue to build Edison to the next level in next three years.

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