Neeli Bendapudi and Sunil Kumar appointed co-chairs in the AAU task force


The two Indian American educationalists recently achieved two of three co-chair positions for the new Association of American Universities (AAU) task force

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Penn State

The Association of American Universities (AAU) is set up to boost India – US university alliance. Neeli Bendapudi, president, Penn State University, Sunil Kumar, provost, John Hopkins University and Robert J Jones, upcoming president of Tufts University will receive co-chairs as per the universities. The major goal is to strengthen the partnerships between Indian and American universities.

Sunil Kumar, provost, John Hopkins University

AAU task force is entrusted with recommendations to boost research and academic partnerships between the higher educational institutions of both nations. Also, the goal is to increase the research partnerships between the two countries to enhance the global impact of the scholarships undertaken by Indian and US educational institutes.

“It is an honor to be selected to help fortify the vital relationship between American and Indian universities,” Bendapudi said in a release. “I myself came to the United States from India to earn my doctorate from an American university, and have experienced first-hand what a transformative impact these kinds of partnerships can have. “

AU plays a very key role in boosting partnerships between Indian and US universities. It was first introduced during the launch of the India and US initiatives, by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden in May 2022, as per Critical and Emerging Technology.  It’s a huge step forward to bridge the gap between Indian and US educational institutes. This will enable the students to gain maximum benefits of potential research, further improving the faculty and helping the researchers. 

“AAU is proud to work with our Indian counterparts to expand US -Indian research and educational collaboration. We look forward to working with India’s leading research universities to create a roadmap for a future of even more robust partnership,” said AAU president Barbara Snyder.

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