Holi celebration brings the community together at Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis


A grand celebration was organized to mark the onset of spring and the ‘festival of colors’

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Holi symbolizes togetherness and the onset of new beginnings. The Midtown Global Market had a gala Holi celebration where hundreds of people relished great food, danced, and enjoyed the party. Midtown Global Market is an international public marketplace that offers groceries, great food, and unique gifts.

Holi the ancient ‘Festival of Spring and colors; is known for gaiety and togetherness. Just like any other festival, it signifies the victory of good over evil. The festival of colors marks the beginning of spring. Particularly we are looking forward to promoting good health and warding off disease. Traditionally, colored powders fill the air.

“It’s kind of giving them good health and wishing them joy,” said Meena Iyer of Nathyaprabha Dance Academy. The celebration revolved around food and dance.  

“Food is a very particular component that brings all the cultures together,” said Rashmi Bhattachan, owner of Momo Dosa. “They say you please the eyes first and then you please the soul. We really take pride in being able to share our culture through the medium of foods.” The festival which was free for all went from noon to 2 p.m on Saturday.

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