Sri Sriji urges for peace and love to make a better world


Chintu Patel of Amneal offers full support to World Festival to be held in Washington, DC

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Long Island, NY

In its inaugural gathering co-hosted by Naveen Shah at the Marriott, the famous spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar mesmerized the exclusive guests with his talk and charisma. The event was organized by Chintu Patel of Amneal, which is the third largest generic drug producer, the atmosphere was serene and every guest listened to the spiritual master who is popularly known as Gurudev.

In his welcome speech, Chintu Patel paid respects to Gurudev and offered his full support to the World Festival planned for August-September 2023 in Washington, DC. Naveen Shah, who was coincidentally noted for his voice similar to Gurudev, offered every help to make the festival a grand success.

The audience listened to Gurudev on the topic of world peace and how to promote it around us. Art of Living has hosted similar mega events around the world with millions of followers. The next event is to be held in the US at the national capital. Gurudev urged all to join to make the event a historic success. 

The evening was attended by eminent personalities including Haridasji Kotahvala, Dr Raj Bhayani and Sunil Hali among others. 

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