India Association of Long Island (IALI) celebrates India’s 73rd Republic Day


 Indian flag hoisted at IALI Center, Hicksville, NY on Wednesday, January 26

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Hicksville, NY

India Association of Long Island (IALI) celebrated India’s 73rd Republic Day by hoisting the Indian Flag at IALI Center, Hicksville, NY on Wednesday, January 26.

IALI Secretary Pradeep Tandon welcomed all the guests and in his welcome speech mentioned why 26th January was chosen as the Republic Day.  “The Indian National Congress, on 19 December 1929, passed the historic ‘Purna Swaraj’ – (total independence) resolution – at its Lahore session. A public declaration was made on 26 January 1930 – and that is why we chose 26th January as our Republic Day”.

In spite of a very cold day, the function was attended by over 50 IALI members and Guests. Past Presidents Dr. Anila Midha, Dr. Bhavani Srinivasan, Dr. Sharwan Bagla, Mrs. Beena Kothari, and Mrs. Gunjan Rastogi were present.

The Vice President Hargovind Gupta introduced the chief guest, Hon. Ragini Srivastava, Town Clerk, Town of North Hempstead. Hon. Ragini Srivastava spoke about the Indian Republic Day and hoisted the Indian Flag. She also gave a Citation to India Association of Long Island that was received by President Bina Sabapathy.

Indian and US National Anthem were sung by all present.

President Bina Sabapathy welcomed all the guests, and spoke about the Indian Republic Day and said that we are very proud to celebrate India’s 73rd Republic Day.

India Association of Long Island honored Mr. Gary and Mrs. Ravinder Kaur Sikka of Mint Restaurant Garden City, NY and presented an award for their excellent service and sponsorship of Induction Ceremony of IALI Executives 2022, on 16th January 2022 at Mint Restaurant. Hot tea was served in the beginning and after the conclusion of the ceremony packed lunch was distributed to all. The food arrangements were done by Mint Restaurant, and everyone praised the hot & delicious food.

 All the past presidents spoke and praised the arrangements made by IALI and the way function was conducted. Past President Dr. Sharwan Bagla Enlighted the audience by his wisdom about Flag hoisting and unfurling.

Other dignitaries present were Ms. Arooz Islam, Executive Director, Nassau County Office of Asian American Affairs, Mr. Harry Brar, Deputy Director, Nassau County office of Asian American Affairs, Hon. Councilman Dennis Dunne, Town of Hempstead District 6, Dr. Bobby Kalotee, Chairman of the Board Nassau County Human Rights Commission.

All other past presidents spoke about the significance of Republic Day and stressed the importance of unity in the world as well as in IALI. Community Leader Krish Rudra spoke about responsibility of minority and majority in a democratic structure and emphasized about unity in our community. Other Community leaders present were Mukesh Modi, Jasbir (Jay) Singh, Deepak Bansal and Mr. Zahid Syed.

All the Dignitaries and Community Leaders were asked to say few words about Republic Day.  In their speech they spoke about what is Republic Day, when it came into existence, the constitution of India and sacrifices made by patriots to achieve our freedom from British rule. All of them blessed and showed their support to the newly elected President Bina Sabapathy and EC team 2022.

There was a surprise raffle that was won by Mr. Mukesh Modi.

The event ended by Vote of Thanks by Secretary Pradeep Tandon who thanked all on behalf of President Bina Sabapathy and EC for attending the function and wished them a very happy Republic Day.

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