India Association of Long Island holds Induction Ceremony of new Executive Council

Event took place on Sunday, 16th January 2022 from 12 noon to 3 pm at Mint Restaurant in Garden City, New York

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Long Island, NY

The function started by tea/coffee and snacks. The function was attended by more than 85 guests that included many IALI members, many past presidents, public officials, community leaders, renowned journalists and media hosts.

Mr. Narinder Kapoor, a senior member of the organization blessed the ceremony with his invocation prayer and gifted a copy of “Bhagvad Gita” to the President as a guiding force to lead the organization. After that, USA and Indian National Anthems were sung.

Pradeep Tandon, Secretary IALI 2022 in his welcome speech extended a warm welcome to all dignitaries, past presidents, and all esteemed guests, including Judge Elizabeth Fox McDonough of New York State Supreme Court, Mr. Joe Kaiman, Deputy County Executive, Suffolk County.

Secretary Pradeep Tandon mentioned about the commitment and service to the community provided by IALI.  He expressed that he would work with full commitment, honesty and integrity. He also mentioned that the best of our association is yet to come and we all have to work together for a better future for our association.

Mr. Bobby Kalotee gave a brief introduction of Hon. Judge Elizabeth Fox McDonough of New York State Supreme Court Judge, 10th District. Judge Fox McDonogh spoke about the important work that our association does and the contribution made by the Indian community at large.

The oath was administered by Hon. Judge Elizabeth Fox McDonough to the 32nd President of IALI Bina Sabapathy who took oath on “Bhagvad Geeta”. Judge Elizabeth Fox McDonough also administrated the oath to Vice President Mr. Hargovind Gupta, Secretary Mr. Pradeep Tandon, EC members Dr. Neeru Bhambri and Mr. Gary Sikka.

The oath was taken by above Executive Council members to faithfully execute office of their respective positions in IALI and to perform their duties to the best of their abilities, to protect, preserve, protect and defend the constitution and bylaws of IALI, Constitution of Nassau and Suffolk counties, Constitution of NY State and the constitution of the United States of America.

Citations were presented to President Bina Sabapathy, Vice President Hargovind Gupta, Secretary Pradeep Tandon from County Executive Bruce Blakeman represented by Mr. Harry Brar and Citation from Supervisor Joseph Saladino of Town of Oyster Bay represented by Mr. Mukesh Modi.

After the swearing in was over, Mr. Krishnendu (Kris) Rudra gave introduction of President Bina Sabapathy and spoke about 32 years her of dedicated community service. Mr. Rudra also acknowledged and appreciated the presence of Mr. Jasbir Jay Singh who contested against Bina Sabapathy.

President Bina Sabapathy said in her speech that she is a proud Past President of 2017 standing as the 32nd Current President of prestigious 43 old organization. She said that the seed were planted by five Long Island Physician Families to promote Indian culture in a foreign land through Dance, Music, Art and Festivities grew up as a beautiful tree with the love, affection and harmony of Indian Families in and around Long Island and spread all over United States with more than 2400 members.

Bina Sabapathy spoke about her future plans to take IALI to the next level. She expressed her plan of an “Advisory Board” consisting of 12 to 14 Past Presidents to guide and advise her with their knowledge and experience., She said that the presence and active participation of the Past Presidents, the pillars of the organization will give boost to perform her duties to their utmost satisfaction. She explained her thought about bringing unity in diversity by creating a “Diversity Forum” by choosing representatives from different States of India, and to show the main stream that India is a land of many cultures but at the end one INDIA.

President Bina Sabapathy thanked all her mentors, Mr. Varinder Bhalla, Mrs. Ratna Bhalla, Guru Maan from Vedic Heritage, Mr. Mohinder Singh Taneja, Mr. Kamlesh Mehta, Dr. Bobby Kalotee, Mrs. Indu Jaiswal, Dr. Bhavani Srinivasan, Dr. Binod Verma, Dr. Anila Midha, Dr. Jagdish Gupta, Mr. Gobind Munjal, Dr. S. S. Ranu, Mr. Kishore Kuncham, Mr. Satnam Singh Parhar.

Two terms past President Anila Midha (2008-2009) in her farewell introduction to outgoing president Shashi Malik talked about the dedicated service that was given by Shashi Malik and her team. President Bina Sabapathy presented a plaque to outgoing president Shashi Malik.

Many past presidents spoke at the ceremony about the rich history of IALI and their experiences of Bina Sabapathy. All of them praised President Bina Sabapathy for her honesty, dedication and community service.

Past Presidents; Dr. Jagan Pahuja, Dr. Parveen Chopra, Mrs. Gitanjali Anand, Mrs. Indu Jaiswal, Dr. Bhavani Srinivasan, Dr. Binod Verma, Dr. Anila Midha, Mr. Satnam Singh Parhar, Mrs. Beena Kothari, Mrs. Gunjan Rastogi spoke very highly of the current President Bina Sabapathy.

Prominent media personality Mr. Ashok Vyas, popular talk show host Mr. Vibhuti Jha, renowned journalist Amit Parasnath and community leader Mr. Mukesh Modi, spoke on the occasion.

Mrs. Ravinder Sikka was honored and presented a bouquet by President Bina Sabapathy for the support provided by Mint to IALI and the community at large.

Secretary Pradeep Tandon in vote of thanks, thanked all the dignitaries, past presidents, public officials, IALI members, and the media who attended the function. He also thanked Anju Sharma, Sanju Sharma, Sushma Kaushik, Neelam Srivastava for taking care of the registration. He also thanked Narinder Kapoor and Jyoti Gupta and Vimal Goyal for their contribution. Special mention was made of Dr. Sudhir Parikh of ITV Gold who was represented by Mr. Ashok Vyas, Pinki Jaggi of LILC, Mr. Zahid Syed, Mr. Sharanjit S. Thind, Mr. Mohinder Taneja, Mr. Deepak Bansal and other community leaders.

He also thanked the Election Committee Chair Dr. Bhavani Srinivasan, and her team consisting of Mrs. Rekha Chichara, Mrs. Sushma Kaushik, Mrs. Sujata Seth, and Dr. Jag Kalra for conducting the IALI elections 2022.

After the oath taking ceremony, all guests enjoyed the delicious lunch that was sponsored by Mr. Gary and Mrs. Ravinder Sikka of Mint.

COVID testing kits provided by Senator Kevin Thomas were distributed to all the guests.

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