Asian American Republican Coalition hosts’Meet and Greet’ with Jack Ciattarelli


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On Saturday, October 23, 2021, AARC- Asian American Republican Coalition has organized very impressive Meet and Greet meeting with Jack Ciattrelli, Republican Nominee contesting as Governor of New Jersey.

Sanjiv Pandya, who is very well-known personality in the Asian including Indian American communities due to his long association with Radio, TV and media, opened the event by welcoming the large gathering consisting of Community leaders, proven businessmen, Entrepreneurs, School and College Teachers and Professors, Doctors, Engineers, Independent Citizens, supporters, friends and families and constituents of AARC.

In his introductory remarks, he stated that NJ’s Gubernatorial elections is very crucial and important. He stated that Governor race in New Jersey is one of the most watched in the nation. Recent polls show the gap is narrowing. He then introduced Hemant Bhatt who is Founder and Chairman of AARC to address the Gathering.

Mr. Bhatt welcomed Mr. Jack Ciattrelli and large number of attendees and thanked them for honoring the invitation to come on busy Saturday evening. He briefly narrated the activities of AARC which is a ‘Not For Profit’ organization, which was concepted in 2016 and established in 2018 to bring all Asians including Indian Americans on one platform to represent them at various levels of Government, to educate them about US Constitution, US Citizenship, Voting rights, US political system, to train Asian candidates to run for any political office and to undertake Social upliftment causes and Healthcare initiatives. He mentioned that AARC has taken many initiatives and creating tremendous awareness amongst Asians which no other organization earlier has done it.

He compared the Governor of New Jersey as King of the NJ State who should all the time think about Safety and Security, Wellbeing of people, strong economy and lower charge of taxes from people’s hard-earned income. He mentioned that Jack Ciattrelli’s administration as New Governor will work in these directions and appealed to the gathering not only to vote for him, but also spread a strong message to the friends and families to vote for him. He further stated that this is the excellent opportunity and chance to make New Jesey great, Safe and Proud by electing Jack Ciattreli as New Jersey’s Next Governor.

Deepak Malhotra, Co-Founder of AARC who believes in family values, conservatism and ideals of Republican Party and who hosted the event followed by dinner by lot of hard work stated that Jack Ciattrelli is the strong and desirable candidate to get elected as New Jersey Governor and who is much needed to bring the change in the lives of NJ Communities. He mentioned that School education needs immediate attention to improvise and taxes should be reduced for betterment of families and middle-class communities.

Ankur Vaidya, Chairman of Federation of Indian Associations [FIA] who graced the event by his presence expressed the concerns about disruption of supply chains, high taxes, high prices and overall inflationary trends in economy. He urged Jack Ciattrelli to restore good state of economy in NJ and to take care of peoples’ wellbeing. He wished Mr. Jack all success to win the NJ Governor’s election with big margins.

Jack Ciattrelli who was very much excited after meeting the enlightened gathering greeted them and stated that if he is elected as New Jersey’s Governor, he will pay full attention to REDUCE THE PROPERTY TAXES, GROW OUR ECONOMY ALL AROUND, STAND WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT and BRING PEOPLE TOGETRHER TO MAKE NEW JERSEY A STATE OF PEACE AND PROPSERITY. He stated that Asians and particularly Indian Americans are very civilized, cultured, educated and peace-loving communities which have contributed to a great extent to make the economy sound. They are involved in Medical, Engineering and other professions and proven businessmen. He appealed to vote for him and get him elected as NJ Governor to accomplish his agenda. He thanked Hemant Bhatt, Dipak Malhotra and their team for putting up an excellent event and given him an opportunity to meet the greet people.

Sunil Hali, who is the Chairman of The Indian Eye and Divya Bhaskar group of Media Publications, could not attend the event but he conveyed his best wishes to Jack Ciattrelli to win the elections.

The event was successfully conducted by Sanjiv Pandya and followed by dinner.

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