Clubhouse now available on Play Store

The audio social media platform Clubhouse, which was launched as an iOS-exclusive audio-chat platform back in September 2020, is now available for Android users in India and other parts of the world. That being said, according to Mashable, those who want to sign up, still need an invite, either from an iOS user or a fellow user of the Android version. Once invited, the sign-up process thereon will be smooth sailing. However, Android users who've tried to sign up have reported that the verification process hasn't been working as advertised and people aren't happy about it. To be fair to Clubhouse, this is a public beta and not quite the stable release of the app on Android, but the company should get working to fixing these elements within the app quickly before they lose more users.
As a platform, Clubhouse has been a super popular social media space in 2021, as more people are gradually let into what has traditionally been a fairly exclusive marketplace of ideas. Though, it seems Clubhouse's popularity has diminished over the past few months. As per Mashable, Clubhouse had 2 million downloads in January, and while it went up to more than 9.5 million in February. Downloads have since dipped, with downloads in March dropping to 2.7 million followed by a further dip in April, when downloads dropped to below a million. 
Twitter to let anyone apply for blue tick 
For people, who always dreamed of having a blue-identity verification badge on their profiles, rejoice! As Twitter is opening account verification applications to the public under new guidelines. The Verge reported that Twitter is relaunching its public verification program, allowing anyone to apply for the blue badge. The micro-blogging company also previewed potential changes coming to profiles and the upcoming label for automated accounts. To be eligible for the same, users will have to meet Twitter's new guidelines, which includes having an account of public interest that falls under one of six different types of categorizations as well as being "authentic, notable, and active", as per The Verge.
Anybody will be able to for the verification by following a simple process through the Account Settings tab over the next few weeks. After applying, Twitter says a user can expect a response "within a few days," but that timeline could open up to a few weeks depending on the volume of applications. "All applications will be evaluated by humans", Twitter said in a briefing with journalists this week, according to The Verge. If a user's application for verification gets approved, then the blue checkmark badge will appear on his/her profile automatically. If otherwise happens, and a user still thinks he can qualify for verification, then he can reapply within 30 days of the company's decision.

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