AAPI partners to provide clean drinking water in rural India


AAPI-CPW partnership will identify sponsorship and collaborative opportunities for their initiative. (Source: AAPI news release)

Initiative recognizes widespread health issues from waterborne diseases.

The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) has associated with India-based Community Pure Water Foundation, Inc (CPW) with the aim to provide clean drinking water to rural India. AAPI’s past president Dr Jagan Ailinani, who spearheads the program, stated recently that the overall aim is to improve the health of the rural Indian communities by preventing waterborne diseases by partnering to provide water purification plants in affected regions. 

AAPI President Dr Sudhakar Jonnalagadda said: “AAPI and CPW have formed a strategic partnership to implement AAPI’s Clean Drinking Water initiative to provide clean  drinking water services as well as water for handwashing and sanitation.” President-elect Dr Anupama Yaluru Gotimukla said AAPI would leverage memberships, networks, and resources in the United States and India for the purpose.

AAPI Vice President Dr Ravi Kolli identified four areas of focus: 

  • Identifying sponsors
  • Collaborating with professional groups in the United States and India
  • Global Healthcare Summit
  • Engaging AAPI supported clinics in India 

AAPI Treasurer Dr Satheesh Kathula said that members’ tax-deductible sponsorship of $7,000 per village of 500 households covers capital costs of water treatment plants totaling $5,000 as well as operating and annual maintenance cost for two years amounting to $2,000.

The agreement also includes a project that partners with oncology specialists to deliver quality cancer care in India. These specialists will spend one to three months in Tata Cancer Centers in India and provide telemedicine consultations. AAPI’s Secretary Dr Amit Chakrabarty pointed to the lack of quality cancer care in India. “This collaboration can also help with prevention, early detection as well as other health-related areas like sanitation and safe drinking water,” said past President Dr Suresh Reddy. 

AAPI represents over 80,000 practicing physicians of Indian origin in the United States. CPW is a Hyderabad, India-based foundation that works in India’s villages to make potable water available.

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