President signoff awaited after Senate, House pass $900 bn Covid package


The joint session of Congress concluded at 3:45 am Thursday.

After a 91-7 voting in the Senate and a 359-53 approval in the House, the ball is in Trump’s court.

The US House of Representatives has passed the additional stimulus Covid package bill late Sunday, the Senate, too, passed the bill. Finally, in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, HR 1520, “Further Extension of Continuing Appropriations Act, 2021”, providing stimulus in addition to the $2.3 trillion package as earlier approved.

The Senate passed the bill 91-7, easily passing the threshold of 60. Earlier, the House passed the HR Con Res 128 bill 359-53, directing a “correction” in the earlier stimulus bill HR 1520. The House seemed to be in a hurry as the lawmakers swiftly passed the pandemic relief package bill. After the quick passage of the bill in the Senate, the President is expected to sign off.

The package will serve to aid individuals and businesses in coping with the disastrous economic effects of Covid-19.The bill provides a temporary supplemental jobless benefit of $300 per week and a direct stimulus payment of $600 to most Americans. For businesses and institutions, the package includes new subsidies for impacted businesses, restaurants and theaters, and money for schools, health care providers, and renters facing eviction.

Restaurants are especially expected to gain from the bill after suffering a pandemic-induced loss estimated at $130 billion. The new bill will increase the multiplier for restaurants and hotels to 3.5 from 2.5 of the average monthly payroll costs.

The 5,593-page legislation is the longest in history and comes after much bitter negotiation.

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