From a nurse in Kerala to becoming UK’s MP: Know everything about Sojan Joseph


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In this week’s UK general election, Sojan Joseph, a mental health nurse working in the National Health Service (NHS) and originally from Kerala, was elected to the House of Commons as a New Labor Member of Parliament.

By defeating long-term Conservative member and ex-minister Damian Green, Joseph also struck a blow against the anti-immigrant messaging of the right-wing contenders in a constituency where the far-right Reform UK party placed third behind the Tories.

Joseph’s focus on increasing mental health services in his district struck a chord with the voters during his campaign. Joseph’s victory over Damian Green, a well-known Conservative figure and former minister, signals a notable political change in the region.

After working as a mental health nurse in the NHS for more than 20 years, he was equipped with the empathy and understanding needed for his new position in Parliament. Furthermore, his role as a local council member and his position as a BAME Officer helped him become more equipped to effectively represent his constituents.

For over 15 years, Joseph has been residing in Ashford with his wife and three children and has been involved in various community activities and charity events, such as fundraising marathons and local hospital charity projects. His commitment to building a society that includes everyone and helps each person reach their full potential was a fundamental part of his campaign.

In his acceptance speech held on Friday Joseph said, “I am humbled by the trust you all placed in me and fully aware of the responsibilities that come with it. I will work hard for everyone in Ashford, Hawkinge and villages”.

According to media reports, Joseph received his education in Kottayam, Kerala, and pursued nursing studies at BR Ambedkar Medical College in Bengaluru, India. In the UK, he dedicated himself to studying healthcare leadership at the Master’s level, specifically concentrating on diversity and inclusion in public healthcare, showcasing his dedication to promoting these values in both his career and political pursuits.

When Joseph sits in the House of Commons, he is among other new Labor MPs of Indian descent, showing a growing trend of backing for the Labor Party with Keir Starmer as leader. His victory shows both his personal success and reflects the changing political scene in Ashford and the UK.

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