Marshalls partner with Priyanka Chopra Jonas for community-based initiative to support women


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For the second consecutive year, Marshalls is partnering with actor and producer, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, to play an integral role in designing the Good Stuff Social Club programming and to build awareness through her own personal story and powerful platform. 

Marshalls announced programming in communities across America designed to help women bridge the gap between where they are and where they know they’re capable of going. With a slate of new and returning programming as part of the Marshalls Good Stuff Social Club, the brand is continuing its mission to help women access the good stuff™ in life and achieve their ambitions.

Marshalls commissioned research to understand the “access gap” for women in the US – defined as what stands between women and the life they want to live. Findings showed that 2 in every 3 women feel like they aren’t living their ideal life. Though many feel optimistic about their futures, at least 36% of women feel like they can never find the resources they need to get more out of their lives. Whether it’s a mentor to give them the confidence to pursue a new passion, or the financial literacy to help them prioritize their goals, Marshalls is committed to helping close this “access gap.”

“I was honored to be invited to keynote at the first ever Good Stuff Social Club and what I loved most about the experience is that it fostered a supportive community where women could network and access incredible experts and their life-changing advice, tools, and resources, but also peers, and new friends. It was the sense of community and togetherness that was so powerful,” says Chopra Jonas. “After that experience, I wanted to expand the reach of the Social Club to women in different cities. Every woman deserves to live the life they want, and it’s refreshing to partner with a brand like Marshalls who has prioritized community-based initiatives like this to support women.”

As partners in this mission, Chopra Jonas and Marshalls are collaborating again to design impactful sessions on how to help find financial stability, how to embrace your self-worth and achieve your ambitions for a better life, how to turn connections into valuable community, and how to style with purpose and confidence.

Sonya Cosentini, Vice President, Brand Marketing, Marshalls said, “Last year, we made a great impact in helping provide women the tools and resources they need to make their ideal life a reality. It’s evident, though, from our recent research that there is still work to be done. All women deserve the good stuff™ in life, but for so many reasons, the life they want to live can feel just beyond their grasp. By taking the Marshalls Good Stuff Social Club to two more cities, and making it accessible to all digitally, we are able to reach more women. And, in turn, help them get closer to the life they want to live.”

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