Global Indian Diaspora Alliance (GLO-INDIA) requests Rutgers University to prohibit the display of a separatist Kashmiri flag


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Global Indian Diaspora Alliance (GLO-INDIA) recently in a letter to the President of Rutgers University has raised serious concerns on the issue of the display of the separatist Kashmiri flag. The letter draws attention to the ongoing student protests at Rutgers University and expresses surprise that the university administration agreed to eight of the protestor’s ten demands last Friday as reported in news media. In particular, the ninth point of the student’s demand list seeks ‘display of the flags of occupied peoples, including but not limited to Palestinians, Kurds, and Kashmiris in all areas displaying international flags across the Rutgers campuses.’

As per the letter, New Jersey has one of the largest concentrations of Indian Americans in the US and Rutgers University has a heavy representation of Indian students. Hence, GLO-INDIA requests that Rutgers University prohibit the display of a separatist Kashmiri flag on its campus highlighting that it would send a wrong message as universities in the US are roiled by protests against Israel. For Indians, Kashmir is a matter of national integrity and a highly sensitive issue. It is to be noted that Kashmir is an integral part of India, with its citizens being Indian irrespective of religion.

Moreover, the residents of Kashmir are not displaced people. Any foreign university displaying a separatist flag raises concern as it could be seen as lending credibility to groups and ideologies that challenge India’s sovereignty over Kashmir and fostering anti-India sentiment on campus leading to a hostile environment for many Indian students studying at Rutgers.

GLO-INDIA condemns Rutgers University for allowing the display of the Kashmiri separatist flag on campus as it will be seen as promoting anti-India sentiments and safety concerns for Indian students on campus and India-US education ties in the future.

Global Indian Diaspora Alliance (“GLO-INDIA”) is a non-partisan, non-sectarian, and non-profit community organization that is registered in the United States and was conferred the non-profit 501(c)(3). GLO-INDIA is engaged in promoting the well-being of the Diaspora, enhancing cooperation and communication between groups of Indians living in various countries around the globe, and being a voice for diaspora Indians. The Global Indian Diaspora is 18 million strong and well-established over many decades.

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