Chicago organizes Premiere of award winning, superhit Gujarati film “Mane Lai Ja” 


One of the scenes from the movie with character playing the role of Anandi in 'Mane Lai Ja' – Photo by Jayanti Oza

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Chicago, IL

On May 4, 2024, the Chicago premiere of award winning, superhit Gujarati film “Mane Lai Ja” was held. The special Film premiere by Ramesh Punatar and Sean Patel of USA Film Productions Company was enthralling to the audience. This special screening in Chicago was brought by the Chief Guest Sunil Shah (NY Life), Swapnil Shah (Hollywood Actor, Producer and Director), Bharat Oza (Media Oza), Rely Care (Naresh Shah), Legacy Entertainment, HGI Financials, Dream Motor Car, Sreeji Travels, A.B. Entertainment at Bensenville Theater in Bensenville, IL.

Movie sponsors Ibrahim Kariwala, Rita shah, Ramesh Punatar, Naresh Shah, Swapnil Shah – Photo by Jayanti Oza

With more than 200 people in attendance the movie screening was heart touching, some people even got emotional while watching the movie and had tears in their eyes. “Mane Lai Ja’ movie message was ‘Dikri Vina Suno Sansar’ and it is a film based on Anandi, a 10 years old girl. Along with entertainment, this film also delivers a powerful social message to society and questions the dreadful rituals of our culture. The screening of the movie turned out to be a wonderful experience for movie lovers, especially when it has traditional roots in Gujarat, India.

At the beginning of the show, sponsors of the show gave away a free carrying pouch to the first 25 men to enter and the first 25 women got free gold earrings, moreover, a lucky draw was held after the movie. This movie show in Chicago was sponsored and supported by Ramesh Choksi, Kirit Thakkar, Arvind Shah, Ashok Potdar, and Pinky Dinesh Thakkar.

Poster of ‘Mane Lai Ja’ – Photo by Jayanti Oza

At the end of the show, Ramesh Punatar (Film Producer) thanked News Media Journalist, Jayanti Oza who took an interview about the movie from Ramesh Punatar. Ibrahim Keriwala Goodman Printing, Viren Prajapati, Praful Shah Ashu Travel, Raj Vora KRV Home Remodelling, Kashyap Modi HGI Financial Service, Rahul Parikh Desi Accent Restaurant and all other guests termed the screening of the movie as an excellent heart touching, social film with a great message about a daughter to all communities.

Even though people had tears in their eyes while watching this film they were very happy to see the end of the movie.

—Jayanti Oza

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