‘Untouched Tableaus’ by Tanya Anand, Touches Hearts of Nature Enthusiasts


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Pasadena, CA

Tanya Anand, a senior student at Harvard-Westlake, recently transformed a studio in Pasadena, CA into a captivating gallery space for her wildlife photography exhibition titled “Untouched Tableaus.” The exhibition was held on January 20, and this event attracted nature enthusiasts, students, and members of the Los Angeles art and photography community.

Tanya Anand’s talent and passion for wildlife photography is poised to make her a promising new voice in this field.

At the age of just 18 years, Tanya is demonstrating an exceptional ability to capture the essence and spirit of wildlife in their natural habitats. Her breathtaking collection of wildlife photographs ranged from local fauna to more exotic species. These images stand out for their striking compositions, vivid colors, and intimate moments, offering the viewers and art lovers, a rare glimpse into the lives of these creatures in the wild.

Tanya’s exhibition proved even more impactful owing to her unique ability to put together several pieces showcasing species in vulnerable or endangered habitats, drawing attention to the pressing issue of wildlife preservation. Through her powerful images, Tanya visually advocated for environmental stewardship and encouraged conversations about conservation. Her work serves as a call to appreciate and protect the incredible wildlife around us.

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