‘Redmond Raja’ blesses all in US


Indian Americans celebrate Ganesh festival in the headquarters of Microsoft

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Redmond, WA

Indian Americans celebrated the Ganesh festival in Redmond, the headquarters of Microsoft, with a 15-foot idol of Lord Ganesha affectionately named ‘Redmond Raja’ by the devotees.

Around 20,000 Indian Americans attended the event. The idol stood tall at the heart of Redmond’s downtown park, upon an opulent stage surrounded by decor reminiscent of a grand Indian palace.

This idol was fashioned by skilled artisan Sushant in Mumbai, India, and transported to Redmond. It was placed on a 40-foot grand stage and adorned the entire park in downtown Redmond, enduring the Pacific Northwest’s rain and cold.

Accompanying the idol was a mesmerizing dhol-tasha performance by more than 150 artists from the local troupe ‘Beats of Redmond,’ which has been organizing the annual festival in this suburb of Seattle since 2019. Beats of Redmond was founded by Deepali Sane and Anand Yeshwant Sane.

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