Girish Panicker honored with International conservation research award


Indian American was recognized for his outstanding role in conservation research.

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Girish Panicker, an Indian American has been recognized for his outstanding role in conservation research.

The Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS) honored the Indian American researcher Dr Girish Panicker, with the 2023 International Conservation Research award for his valuable contribution and outstanding work in conservation research. His research work is helpful to stop soil erosion and deal with climate change.

“This is a great recognition for me and Alcorn State,” Panicker said. “I was so blessed that I got the job here. Dr. Bristow sent me to work on my Ph.D., and I came back to Alcorn because I knew that this project of conserving soil and water could help around the globe. Our research goes to so many countries around the world.”

The Kerala-born professor has worked on an experiment with blueberries to prevent lung cancer and coronary heart disease. He was also instrumental in his collaboration with the US government for impacting organic fertilizers, also studied and produced muscadines with research designed for eliminating breast cancer, and researched cover crops producing information for erosion prediction, nutrient management, and climate change.

He serves as the director of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for the Conservation Research Program and a professor at Alcorn State University in Mississippi. He has been bestowed with the Pride of India award and the Organic Achievement award for 2020 from the American Society of Agronomy

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