The Mallakhamb Federation of USA is Runners up in World Championships


US team wins big, stands 2nd in the world in a game originated in India

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Edison, NJ

The Mallakhamb Federation of USA (MFU), recently declared that its team won 2nd place (Silver) at the 2nd World Mallakhamb Championships, held in Dhubri Assam during May 9-12, 2023. The proud team comprised 12 athletes (6 women and 6 men) and 2 coaches who represented the US and competed with 11 other nations to win silver medal. This MFU team was guided and trained by exemplary coaches Pradnya Patankar and Mandar Patil.

Mallakhamb, an ancient Indian sport is a unique combination of yoga, gymnastics, and martial arts. The sport is becoming popular across the globe for its strength, flexibility, and balance. Performed on a pole or a rope, it combines aerial yoga or gymnastic postures and wrestling grips, measured on the scale of difficulty, execution, and grace.

“We are thrilled with our team’s performance at the World Championships,” said Chinmay Patankar, founder, and treasurer of the MFU. “Our athletes trained hard for this competition, and they were able to overcome the challenges of jet lag and harsh weather conditions to achieve a great result,” said Patankar.

This fantastic achievement in a sport of Indian origin was recently recognized by Edison, NJ Mayor Sam Joshi, Edison Municipal District Council Board, and by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. A special celebration has been planned on July 8, to mark this grand performance at the World Championships.

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