Business Strategy with Hirav Shah: Transformational Vocabulary for TRANSFORMING the QUALITY of your LIFE


When you change your vocabulary, you change your mindset. Start to create beneficial habits today, and you’ll reach a more positive, joyful state quickly (Representative file photo)

Change your words to Change your Life

  • “Language shapes the conduct and each word used is imbued with legions of personal meaning.
  • The right words spoken in the right way can bring respect, love and money, while the wrong words can lead a Nation to war.
  • The speech must be carefully orchestrated if we want to attain our goals and bring aspirations to fruition”

What is Vocabulary?

Vocabulary is defined as a group or collection of words that are known and used by a particular person. It can also be denoted as ‘an assembly or list of words or phrases that are generally alphabetically arranged and defined or described’. Vocabulary is also often called lexis, lexicon or Woodstock.

What Is the Importance of Vocabulary?

Vocabulary is a crucial and essential part of anyone’s life. It is critical for communication and expression. It is the basis of reading comprehension. It also forms a basis for perception many times. For conveying anything and everything, vocabulary is important.

What is Transformational Vocabulary?

Transformational vocabulary is purely transforming your vocabulary to transform your experience. It’s as simple as that. It’s so simple that it’s mystifying – but take a leap of faith and try it….. Don’t be afraid to start over.

It’s a chance to build something better this time, in 2023. A life-changing insight awaits you. For sure !!

Why Is It Difficult to Change Your Words & Change Your Mindset?

Mindset is a string of methods based on positive attitudes to push forward victory and success.

Changing words can lead to changing mindset but the question is how to do that…The brain wants to take alternatives or shortcuts. It wants to conserve energy – and it also wants to keep us stuck in patterns that are not always beneficial for us. The human brain likes certainty too, one of the top human needs. Some certainty is advantageous and favorable, but too much of it prevents us from growing and flourishing.

How To Change Your Words?

In order to change your words – and change your life – you have to overcome both of these innate human penchants and shift your ways of thinking.

What you speak as in your vocabulary or your words create your biochemistry. The WORDS you connect to the life-experiences, BECOMES your experiences, and change your biochemistry, and hence, when you change your vocabulary or words, you WILL remodel, metamorphose and transform your life!

It’s a new year already, so new things and new beginnings and new transformations should happen and will happen, hence it’s high time, you discover what are some of the words to put you in a lowered state and what are some words that can lift you and make you tougher, stronger and more powerful!

Transformational vocabulary gives you the capacity or power to change your experiences in life by curtailing the intensity of negative emotions to the point where they no longer control you. It can also be used to take bright occurrences and increase them to even greater heights of pleasure. 

Start taking just one step at a time. Keep a note of the negative words you use consistently and ask yourself how you can change them.

When you change your vocabulary, you change your mindset. Start to create beneficial habits today, and you’ll reach a more positive, joyful state quickly.

The Power of Words & Language In Business:

The greatest business leaders and visionaries have always used the power of words to transform emotions to help inspire others toward their vision to actionable change.

Paying deeper focus to the words being used and the way they are being used, can have amazing results for businesses. Yes, words can and will ignite change, inspire action and help in business growth.

Watch your words, because that will only create meaning in business! Change your words to transform your business.

Final Thoughts:

What’s in a word…Well, everything! The words you use are the experience you are going to have.

Your words mean ‘You’

Your vocabulary means ‘You’

And, it’s time to transform that…

The writer is a well-known Astro Strategist and Business Astrologer

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