WE THE PEOPLE, a coffee table book on 75 Years of US-India relations presented to NYC Mayor Adams


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US India Strategic Partnership Forum or USISPF has come up with a coffee table book, We The People. Consul General Randhir Jaiswal recently presented Mayor Adams with unique book, which chronicles US India relations across 75 years, to New York city mayor, Eric Adams. A round table was organized where Mayor Adams met with Indian companies across tech, healthcare, and financial services.

This book chronicles the journey of the partnership, from the earliest inspiration of democratic ideals Indian thinkers took from American shores to how the alliance evolved from episodic estrangement to now a period of deep engagement, featuring high-level state visits to bilateral agreements. The catalyst to this partnership cannot be found in the corridors of Raisina Hill or Capitol Hill but in the warmth that
people share for each other.

‘We The People’ presents poignant and iconic images that capture the long-standing history
between the two nations. This heart-warming book hopes to be memories of nostalgia further
deepening our bright future together

The book highlights how the strategic partnership between India and the United States has evolved through the years, tracing its roots from the humble beginnings of the first American consulate in Kolkata that opened in the 18th century to 21st-century synergy in defense, trade, technology, climate, and strong diplomatic ties that exist today.

“Our focus was to accentuate the role of the individuals in this story. Democracies are for the people, by the people, and of the people. And hence, to tell our story, the story of “We The People”, we start at
the very beginning and acknowledge the assiduous efforts of all those who
have helped make this book possible.” acknowledged Dr Mukesh Aghi, president and CEO, USISPF.

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