April 14 is declared as Ambedkar Equality Day in New Hampshire


Dr Ambedkar contributed multidimensionally as a lawyer, journalist, educationist, economist, lawmaker, and statesman to endorse equality, justice, dignity, and fraternity in society.

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New Hampshire, NH

New Hampshire governor Christopher T Sununu has proclaimed April 14 as ‘Dr B R Ambedkar Equality Day’ to honor the legacy of ‘father of the Indian constitution’. The Ambedkar Association of North America tweeted the proclamation, which mentioned New Hampshire as the home of a diverse population of multiple races and ethnicities encompassing Native Americans, Black, Hispanic, White, South Asians, and other populations.

It further said that diverse communities around the world continue to experience systemic racism, injustices and discrimination. The constitution of USA and the government of New Hampshire is upholding the human rights, dignity and equality of the population.

Dr BR Ambedkar, born in India on 14th April, 1891, championed for the rights of marginalized sections throughout his life. Ambedkar received a Master’s Degree in 1915, PhD in economics in 1928 from Columbia University and a DSc at the London School of Economics.  Many of his ideas about equality and social justice were formed during his education at Columbia. He was also awarded an honorary degree in 1952 as ‘a great social reformer and a vibrant upholder of human rights’ by Columbia University, the proclamation further said.

Dr B R Ambedkar Equality Day, the proclamation said, ‘is an opportunity to remember and honor his legacy of dedication to equality, social justice, human rights, and dignity, which continues to inspire people in New Hampshire and across the world.’ Ambedkar is best remembered today as ‘Father of the Indian Constitution’. which is the largest written constitution of any country. He was honored with the highest civilian award ‘Bharat Ratna’ in India.

 ‘Freedom of mind is the real freedom. A person whose mind is not free, though he may not be in chains, is a slave, not a free man’ – his famous words still find relevance.

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