You got to show some genuine interest for your business. Actually not some but like real genuine interest (Representative photo)

Business Strategy with Hirav Shah

Don’t feel bad, It is your Business! Everything is fair to make PROFIT

Your business can grow, expand, prosper and flourish further only when you care for the same and think about the same

Honesty, loyalty and care are the names of the game when it comes to treating your new girlfriend the way she deserves to be treated.

Ditto applies to your business. Yes, you have to be loyal, honest and caring towards your business. Isn’t it…

Five ways to Treat your Business As Your New Girlfriend:

  1. Be Caring – When you have a new girlfriend, you care for her right! Care for her security. Care for her safety. Care for her needs. Care for her emotions. Care for her sentiments.

Same applies to your business as well, where you care or act in ways that help teammates to thrive. As a result, your business would also be able to care very well for customers.

Show Genuine Interest – For all aspects of her life, show genuine interest. Ask her about her family, hobbies etc…and listen to her. This gesture of romance needs to be done with genuine concern and curiosity.

Same goes for your business. You got to show some genuine interest for your business. Actually, not some but like real genuine interest.

Your genuine interest only will drive your business to grow and expand further. Your engrossment in your business will help your business prosper and progress.

Marketing is the key – Your new girlfriend wants to be reminded about how beautiful she is. Or how she inspires you as a partner. Hence, the best thing to do is to be thoughtful about by saying her best qualities out loud.

You may also want to be on the lookout for the welfare of her–this can be by WhatsApping or texting that she takes care of herself or not stresses out too much.

The same thing also applies to business. Bring marketing skills into your business if you want to the good of your business/set-up. Allocate enough time to give what extra you can do to your products or services so it can help to market easily. Putting your all into your business will make you stand out and will show your boss you are committed.

Don’t Lie – Never lie to your new girlfriend. Communication and honesty are the cornerstones, especially of this relationship. Sometimes, telling the truth can be difficult, but you should never take the easy way out by lying to your new girlfriend, even for minor, everyday stuff.

Ditto for your business. Can you lie to your business by not being truthful enough to it? Can you lie in your business? Can you afford to do that? Remember, it’s your business, which was once your dream and if you are not being truthful to it now, then it’s your loss.

Yes, your loss!

So, some effort here and there can make a real big difference in gaining the respect that goes with being thoughtful in business.

  • Discuss Goals – Between you and your new girlfriend, if you want to ride this out together, and still maintain wholeness for both of you, set a timeline, both of you. Discuss expectations, goals, milestones and accomplishments that you both want—for each other.

And the same applies to your business as well where you set goals and expectations and pave the path to accomplish them. 

Final Thoughts:

Your business can grow, expand, prosper and flourish further only when you care for the same and think about the same, do anything needed for it, like you do for your new girlfriend. Don’t mind, but this is your business and everything is fair to make and transform your business into Profit.


The writer is a well-known Astro Strategist and Business Astrologer

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