Gujarat family among 8 who died along US-Canada border


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A family of four from Gujarat’s Mehsana district are identified as among the 8 persons who died this week, trying to enter the US from Canada by boat across the St. Lawrence River. Identified as Praveenbhai Chaudhary, a farmer, and his wife Dakshaben Chaudhary, their son Meet Chaudhary and daughter Vidhi Chaudhary, the family had tourist visas to Canada and a local agent helped them for their illegal attempt to enter the US.

The dead bodies identified include that of a family comprising a father, mother, son and daughter who hailed from Manekpura in Vijapur taluka. “The deceased include four of a family from Mehsana district. We are talking to their relatives and trying to gather more details,” said Achal Tyagi, superintendent of police, Mehsana.

They had gone to Canada in February on a vacation. The incident is similar to a series of such events for over a year where families trying to make it to US illegally have met with tragedy. Dingucha is the name of the village, about 40km from Ahmedabad and in Gandhinagar district, to which the family belonged. The pursuit for better opportunities seems to have many such families before also, taking an illegal route endangering their lives.

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