Mayor Eric Adams opens City Halls’ doors to ethnic community & media


NYC Mayor Eric Adams hosts Ethnic media meeting with his core staff

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Mayor Eric Adams has become the first mayor of New York City to open doors for the ethnic media and community at the City Hall. Speaking with pride, Mayor Adams mentioned his keen interest to build relations with all ethnic communities in New York. Said Mayor Adams, “Covid taught us a lot and I have set up for the first time a team lead by Jose Bayona, Executive Director, Ethnic Media and community”. Mayor also congratulated the community on Ramadan. He assured to bring all communities together with his first-of-a-kind program of breaking bread together since 2020.

Mayor’s core team joined the meeting to listen to the community and media leaders, including Sunil Hali of The Indian EYE Newsweekly and Radio Zindagi Network.

NYC has held a series of in-person meeting with ethnic community lead by first Deputy Mayor Sheena Wright who spoke about empowering women and their safety.  

NYC Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan also met the community with his director. He shared the soon to be announced program on health with a focus on mental health. The young Commissioner addressed the concerns of the leaders and assured Mayor Adams has a strong focus on mental health especially of younger generation. Covid, drugs, family challenges have hurt so many and need help. Commissioner confirmed on addressing these.

Sheena Wright, the First Deputy Mayorm, with Jose Bayona Executive Director, Ethnic & Community Media, NYC

Mayor Eric Adams recently completed one year of his administration in New York city after the most challenging period in human history.

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