Taking Cold Showers on 365 days
can HELP you to LEAVE your COMFORT zone


It can also give you the confidence to be able to handle ANYTHING that comes YOUR WAY.

Business Strategy with Hirav Shah

Most folks never attain success or we can say most people always avoid success, because they avoid discomfort at all costs. But the truth is…’Nothing is achieved without discomfort’.


Leaving your comfort zone is one of the ways to achieve success. If we need to improve and grow, we need to try challenging things.  We got to jump out of our comfort zones.

The habits of successful people revolve around staying healthy and staying sharp. Cold showers may be hard to do indefinitely. To develop a habit, taking cold showers must be taken every day if possible. The immense benefits far outweigh the shock value of going under cold water, coming off the showerhead.  If you are looking to succeed and to shine and to fly high and to rule someday, then taking a daily cold shower is an excellent step to start from NOW.

Benefits of Taking Cold Showers

  1. Resilience – It takes a resilient human to take a cold bath, especially in the morning. You are certainly going to hesitate at first.  But beating that, to take on the cold water every day will build up your ‘resilience’, not just for taking a cold shower, but for other stuff as well.

Having strong resilience built this way extends to everything else you do, for the rest of the day or week or month or year. As a result, taking on bigger challenges in business, career and life will get easier.

  • Confidence – Taking a cold shower everyday instils confidence from within. Confidence to beat all odds. Confidence to conquer all hurdles. Confidence to win over all hindrances. Confidence to overcome all barriers. This in fact translates into business and life.
  • Mental power – Time to be honest, cold showers are never fun. But it’s that feeling afterward that makes cold showers worth it!

These types of activities build mental strength and power which is perhaps the most significant ingredient to succeed in life or in any kind of business and especially in the competitive markets today.

  • Pain Tolerance – Success is proportional to your pain tolerance. Do you have the pain tolerance to win over and make it through life’s and business’s toughest situations?

Stop doubting yourself, because you could actually endure the pain that comes your way. Indeed!

Good things came from discomfort. So instead of avoiding it, start to confront it.

The bottom line

Your habit of taking cold showers 100% deserves the praise you may get in your business and life.

It’s time to allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone and build a super strong mind and body.

As we all know the key factors for an individual that lay the foundation for his success are talent, hard work, smart-work, mindset, strategies, execution and luck and now taking cold showers can certainly be added to this ‘key factors list’.

Remember, success is attained only when you meet the ‘most efficient’ version of yourself.

Caution: Please check with your doctor before taking cold showers

Exercise: List down the three things that you want to change from your comfort zone to discomfort zone. 


The writer is a well-known Astro Strategist and Business Astrologer

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