KYC (Know Your Customer): Logical Buyers Vs Emotional Buyers


Before purchasing, the logical buyers want to make sure they’re making the right decision. They tend to buy because of a specific need

Are Your Customers Logical or Emotional Buyers? Let’s Understand 

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There are umpteen ways for you to market to your customers, but you must never forget one simple fact: their emotions or logic play a massive role in their decision-making to buy. Let’s quickly try to know your customer by finding out whether they are logical / rational or emotional buyers.

Who Are Logical Buyers?

This is the kind of a buyer who does tons of research when looking to buy something. They would get all technical specifications, know what the product is made out of, the durability, the different size and color options, the best prices and so on. Before purchasing, they want to make sure they’re making the right decision. They tend to buy because of a specific need.

Types Of Logical Buyers

One may want to know the dimensions of the product

– The other may want to know what the product is made from (materials, ingredients, etc.)

– Then, how is the product sourced?

– Next, what’s the quality like?

– Next, how to care for the product?

– Furthermore, is the price okay?

– Lastly, how is the product packaged &

What are the color/size options?

Who Are Emotional Buyers?

This is the kind of a buyer, who does an emotional purchase meaning the transaction is ruled by emotions. Sometimes, there could be a logic behind the purchase, but if the main driving force is the feeling or emotion of the customer, then it certainly is an emotional buy.

Types Of Emotional Buyers

-One type of Emotional buyer might want to make a decision to buy, due to envy, which is based on the intrinsic characteristics of humans to compare ourselves with others.

-The other type may want to buy because of their gut feel or because of their sentiment or love.

-The third type may also want to make a purchase due to the “pride” factor which is having an edge over other folks or positioning yourself as being “better”.

-Lastly the fearful types or the ones who have the fear of missing out. Which means, while others are doing it but he is being left behind…

How To Find Buyers On The Basis Of Astrology!

Astrology is also a very important tool by which you can know your customer/buyer behavior. The date of birth & Zodiac sign signify the most important details of your customer as it combines personality, identity and other significant characteristics.

Hence, by looking at your customer’s Birth chart and by the positioning and movement of the celestial bodies of planets and stars, you can make out whether your customer is an emotional or a rational/logical buyer.

Conclusion: Before you master your customer’s buying motivations, you must first do a KYC of your customer by understanding the standard customer buying behavior (logical or emotional), because ‘you have to learn the rules before you break them’.


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