Can you Predict Estimated Income of Business in Advance?

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Predicting Advance Estimated Income helps to Build a precise Business Strategy!

Learning about the estimated annual or half-yearly income in prior, paves the way for a confident approach towards strategizing. Having knowledge about the final outcome in mind, businesses can utilize the full potential of resources, gauge the hurdles and barriers, seek solutions, look for counsel, budget well, divide resources for advertising and marketing in the best possible way. This not only enhances the possibilities to succeed, but also speeds it up.

Knowledge About the Estimated income in advance, will also help answer puzzling questions like:

  1. Will my business generate the desired profit?

For your business, you get the clarity of outcome such as profits, expenses and exponential growth

2. How to make the best use of available resources?

With the advanced analysis of income as well as timeline of success, a bulletproof strategy with the resources at hand can be designed.

3. What is the best plan of action for achieving goals?

Core strengths can be utilized, by taking the previous data and future predictions into account. Gaps/Weaknesses/Deficiencies/Flaws can be addressed as well.

Ways Of Finding the Estimated Income in Advance: There are only three ways to find the estimated income in advance for your Business. It is called ‘The KEA’

Follow KEA Rule to find the Estimated Income in Advance

  1. K stands for Knowledge

‘K’ for knowledge which signifies making use of only the Knowledge of yours or your team in Business can give you an idea of your ‘estimated income’ in advance.

  • E stands for Experience
    ‘E’ for experience which signifies employing only the Expert’s Experience in Business, which can also give an idea of estimated income’ in advance.
  • A stand for Astrology

        ‘A’ for Astrology is the only TOOL which can give you a 70-80 percent idea of your ‘estimated income’ in advance.

Isn’t it super amazing that through Business Astrology, apart from getting the clarity on–your chances of reaching your goal and the skills you need to work on– you are also learning about the ‘estimated income in advance’ so that, you can strategize and execute with much more potential (with certainty) or you can take any Massive Action.

Merging Expert’s Knowledge with Expert’s Experience can give 30 to 60 percent idea of your estimated financial prediction of your business income.

Merging Expert’s Knowledge with Expert’s Experience and Astrology can give 70 to 80 percent idea of estimated Income Forecast of your business.

Business Areas That Can Benefit!

1.Flourish In Your Sector–Astro-analysis of product, price, profitability, performance, place and people helps in utilizing all approving factors to advantage.

2.Possibilities of Achieving Goals – Knowing estimated income in advance helps develop strong advertising, marketing, sales strategies and their timely implementation.

3.Overcoming Fear- Ushering in and promoting the advertising campaign at the right time can help avoid blocks and barriers and ensure effortless operations.

4.Adaptation to Changing Trends – Staying up-to-date and relevant with the newer trends and consumer needs, helps a business prosper in any market.

5.Strengths & Weaknesses – Forecast of income plays a massive guiding role to build on a company’s strengths, reversing the weaknesses and conquering risks/threats.

6.Reaction to Opportunities – Recognizing which opportunities are apt for you and how or when to proceed further is a big leap towards being successful.

7.Brand Building – Behind a brand, the core philosophy should be centered around adding more value.

8.Planning Strategies – Income forecast’s primary objective is to provide valuable information for making decisions for the organization’s future…

Final Thought:

Income Forecast can provide access to a remunerative future for your business. For any business that aims to achieve success, the right approach method is the defining aspect.

The predictions and strategic guidance by a Business Astrologer and Astro Strategist can be like a roadmap to your business’s goals. With clarity and certainty shown by him, you can steer ahead towards a brighter and bigger future.


The writer is a well-known Astro Strategist and Business Astrologer

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