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Knowing what your clients want is crucial for your business's marketing and its scalability and sustainability

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Six Questions can help you to find your ideal client

In this tool, you are going to discover who your ideal client is, how you impact their lives the most and with more confidence, than ever before.

  1. What are your ideal client’s three biggest desires?

    Knowing what your ideal client’s biggest desires are, can be key information!! Yes, identifying their desires, goals, purpose, ambition and intentions can be key to put together suitable marketing content.
  • What are your ideal clients’ three biggest pain points?

Knowing your ideal client’s biggest pain points are extremely significant for narrowing down your marketing strategy.

For example

1.Their pain points could be productivity

2. ‘Support’ pain points can even be there, when clients feel they have not been getting proper support when needed.

3.’Financial’ pain points can also occur. This is when clients think their present solution is too costly.

  • What do they do Professionally?

Knowing what your ideal clients do professionally is crucial indeed. What job they do is very important as well.

For example:

If you are selling creative products or services, these products or services should make them feel ‘more’ themselves, more creative and give them some personality. You have to find people who are professionally in this space or have an interest in creativity, design and art, as well as the money to purchase it.

  • What would they look like?

You also have to know what do your ideal clients look like as in:

        1.Their gender

        2. What would be their Age?

        3. Their geographical location

  • What do they want?

Knowing what your clients want is crucial for your business’s marketing and its scalability and sustainability.

For Example:

1.What are your clients searching or looking for?

2. What specific needs do your clients have?

3. Which websites do they visit frequently?

  • What do they hate?

To discover who your ideal client is, you also need to know what they hate as well.

For example if you are a Business Strategist, your clients would hate your:

          1.Long waiting time

          2. No empathy

          3. Not adding value to their businesses

          4. Not keeping up with promises

          5. No Strategic, Moral support

Final Word

Whether you have been doing business for years or even if you are new to any business, these six questions will help you recognize your ideal client, so that you can understand how to best serve them.


The writer is a well-known Astro Strategist and Business Astrologer

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