Discord integration on Sony PS5 arrives for beta testers

Starting today, beta testers in the United States, Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom will be able to join Discord voice calls on their PS5 console, reported The Verge, an American technology news website.
According to the outlet, this integration allows PS5 owners to join Discord calls by linking accounts and then using the Discord mobile app to transfer calls to PS5. Discord voice integration on the PS5 appears to be similar to how Microsoft first introduced Discord compatibility on the Xbox.
The Verge has reported that Sony says you have to "use the Discord app on your mobile device or computer to get a Discord voice chat going on your PS5 console," which means you won't be able to directly access Discord servers on a PS5 without using a mobile device or your PC to transfer the call.
Sony should address this soon, as Microsoft enhanced their Discord connection for Xbox in November, allowing Xbox owners to join voice channels directly from the console without the need for a phone or PC.
Alongside the Discord support, Sony is also adding 1440p Variable Refresh Rate support, as well as several dashboard upgrades. This means compatible HDMI 2.1 displays can enable VRR at 1440p to benefit from smoother visual performance in games.
As per The Verge, Sony is also improving the social features of the PS5 dashboard's share screen function and party chats, as well as adding a new "friends who play" tile to show which pals are actively playing a game.
Google set to bring Microsoft 365 integration to ChromeOS
American tech giant Google has said that it's planning to add Microsoft 365 integration to ChromeOS later this year making it easier for users to install the app and open files.
According to The Verge, an American technology news website, ChromeOS already supports the Microsoft 365 and OneDrive Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), but there's a promise of "new integration later this year on ChromeOS, making it easier to install the app and open files." This new integration will include a guided setup to install the Microsoft 365 app and connect OneDrive accounts to the ChromeOS Files app.
This OneDrive integration will also see documents in the Files app moved over to Microsoft's cloud storage when they're accessed within the Microsoft 365 app. That's a lot better than OneDrive users having to use the current Android or PWA apps that don't integrate into the Files app on ChromeOS, reported The Verge.
Google says more details on the integration will be shared "in the coming months," with ChromeOS testers in dev and beta channels able to access the integration a little early.
Microsoft first attacked Google's Chromebook laptops in a commercial nearly 10 years ago as part of the company's "Scroogled" campaign. The software maker has been consistently wary of Chromebooks taking over the lucrative role of low-cost Windows laptops in education and businesses.

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