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On October 10, 2022, an event was held at an Indian-owned Manhattan luxury Hotel Hyatt, with a sitting Judge swearing in the oath of an organization at a splendid evening. The ceremony started with the US national anthem sung by Krystal Shajan, followed by the Indian national anthem sung by all the members as they proclaimed the tagline of India: our strength is our “unity and diversity.”

Global General Secretary Sudhir Nambiar welcomed everyone to the installation ceremony, and the Global Associate treasure Tom George Kolath announced the list of office bearers. Global President P.C. Mathew addressed the gathering who attended there and all the members from all four continents on a zoom platform.

President PC Mathew addressed the gathering via zoom platform, explaining why GIC differs from any other organization by sharing the vision and mission. Nobody is away from doing great things for others. “I am totally amazed to see a grand opening of GIC at 75 Wall Street, Downtown New York City. Our organization will have a segment for trading stocks, crypto currencies and educational events. He also stated that since movies are the most influential media of the century, GIC just completed a short feature film entitled “The Footprints,” which portrays the life of Gandhi.

Fortunate to have an oath delivered by Hon Judge Biju Koshy in his formal judge’s rob, made it first of its kind oath ceremony of an association and marked a milestone for Global Indian Council (GIC). Judge Koshy appreciated all the team members; it is inevitable to raise our youth with a caring mindset.

NY Chapter Global Indian Council members sworn in were Dr. Anil Paulose President, Secretary Prakash Pasipati, Associate secretary Dr. Sheetal Desai, Treasure Rajinder Kaur Singh, and Associate Treasure Peter Thomas, State Coordinator Andrews Kunnuparampil, Saji Thomas Media & Business promotion, Brand ambassador Trilok Malik and Elizabeth Paulose Global Business forum Co-chair.

Dr. Tara Shajan, was the Emcee and shared why GIC is different from other organizations. She also mentioned that the importance of utilizing all the expertise from different walk of life for the benefit of the community. Global Ambassador Sosamma Andrews and Usha George from Global to represented the New York Chapter. Everyone appreciated Dr. Anil Paulose for the hospitality and for bringing up an excellent team in New York, including the NY chapter goodwill ambassador Andrews Kunnumparambil.

In his felicitation speech, Tom George welcomed the new President, Dr. Anil Paulose and his vibrant team. Tom also emphasized that President is the heart of an organization, and the secretary is the brain, and the fact is when you sleep, the brain also sleeps to reengerize, but the heart remains beating “dum dum“ ‘tom tom‘. Dr. Paulose and Prakash would work as a team similarly. He also mentioned when you care for others; it is a paradigm shift from a raw person to a socially responsible global citizen. Many dignitaries who was present in person and online Zoom delivered felicitation and best wishes.

On his reply speech, Chapter President Dr. Anil V. Paulose wants to thank the global GIC leadership for electing him as the president of the NY chapter and his wife Elizabeth Paulose, who is always there to support him in every walk of life. It is an honor and privilege to be part of this organization, whose mission is to serve, support, and come together as a community with fellow Indians across the globe. Dr. Paulose took a moment to share “what I believe should be the embodiment of this organization – and that is the mission to serve. When we are altruistic, there is a sense of joy and meaning in life; it is contagious and cultivates a spirit of benevolence which in turn give us joy and purpose in life”.

Dr. Paulose thanked Tom George for taking the initiative in helping him in formation of New York Chapter and to the global GIC leadership, PC Mathew, Sudhir Nambiar, Tara Shajan. Dr Paulose thanked all of the NY chapter team members, all the committee members, ambassadors, and members, for their precious time and contributions. This as a resourceful and powerful organization shaping a better world and setting an example that other organizations can emulate. As a proud Indian, I am excited about the good our network will be able to achieve – as we come together to preserve Indian culture and enable individuals in our community through philanthropic goals.

Dr. Tara Shajan delivered vote of thanks and mentioned that this new chapter is born in

Wall Street, Walls are needed where it’s needed, however GIC is focusing to create Bridges. She Thanked everyone for their encouragement and support of our Global president PC Mathew, Sudhir, Tom, Global goodwill ambassador Dr. Jija Madavan Hari Singh (Global COE chair), Dr. Rajmohan Pillai (Global Business Forum Chair), Dr. Mathews Joys (Media chair), Narayan Janga (Youth), Seema Balasubramanyam (Public Relation) & Mohinder Singh Teneja, Dilip Chauhan, Sunil Hali our Goodwill ambassador Rishi Raj Singh. And at the end, followed with a fabulous & delicious dinner. 

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