The iPhone 14, 14 Pro to feature satellite SOS for off-grid emergencies

Apple is incorporating a limited type of satellite communication into new iPhones, allowing users to send an SOS even when they are disconnected from the internet, with no dish necessary. While it does not allow normal data, phone, or text communication, it will notify emergency agencies of your situation and position.
As per Tech Crunch, in the event of a backcountry injury or other emergency, users using an iPhone 14 or 14 Pro with an updated wireless chipset can use the emergency SOS capability. This feature from Apple is different from the likes of satellite-based data and text connectivity incoming features from Lynk, T-Mobile and Starlink. These are effectively orbiting cell towers powerful enough to reach and receive signals from the surface, while Apple is apparently collaborating with Globalstar, a typical satellite communication service that works in bands that normally require a special antenna.
As a result, users will need to point their phone at the satellite, which is obviously too small to see -- so Apple created a little guidance software that assists them in pointing it in the appropriate direction. However, bandwidth is extremely restricted, so once they are connected, they can select from a few pre-programmed messages such as what's the situation, is anyone harmed? And so on.
These reduce the amount of data involved and hence take less time to send; your battery level, position, and medical information will be automatically sent as well.
The operation should take no more than 15 seconds at most, however, if there is any tree cover or the alignment is poor, it could take several minutes. And no one will respond right away, it's a one-way dialogue. Your distress signal will be routed to a ground station and then to emergency services.

New matchmaking app 'Rainbowluv' launched for India's LGBTQIA+ community

After experiencing a slump in registrations during the pandemic, the matrimonial apps industry is now on a lookout for newer communities and groups to get more users on board.
In a bid to expand their horizons to cover a bigger section of society, Indian matchmaking site Ltd has launched a new app, named Rainbowluv, which caters to members of the LGBTQIA+ community, the company announced on Tuesday. The company tweeted, " launches #RainbowLuv matchmaking and relationship app for LGBTQIA+ community. Made by & for the community. 45+ gender identities, 122+ orientation tags, and 48+ pronouns."
With Rainbowluv's launch,, which competes with, will now also be taking on apps like Grindr and As You Are.
A colonial-era ban on gay sex was lifted by the Indian Supreme Court on September 6, 2018, to improve the rights of the LGBTQIA community in the country, however, same-sex marriage does not have legal sanction.
The month of June is annually observed as Pride Month where participants having various sexual orientations participate in parades, to express pride in their sexual identity. It was first celebrated in the US in 2000 when then US President Bill Clinton issued a presidential proclamation designating the month.

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