WhatsApp allows iOS and Android cross-platform chat transfers


WhatsApp had been testing the entire feature of syncing conversation histories between Android and iOS and made it public on Thursday.
According to GSM Arena, only a few third-party data transfer technologies have been able to move conversation histories between ecosystems; however, these tools are typically expensive and difficult to use. You’ll need to utilise the Move to iOS tool on Android to accomplish this, as only the Android to iPhone option is available on WhatsApp’s help website as of now. On both the transmitting and receiving devices, WhatsApp must be updated to the most recent version.
Additionally, you must keep your current phone number or switch it before moving. Also required is a fresh or factory-reset iPhone for the recipient.
WhatsApp has collaborated with Apple to piggyback its Move to iOS software in order to successfully move WhatsApp data to an iOS device based on the instructions provided.
You may move your account information, profile photo, individual and group conversations, chat history, chat media, and WhatsApp settings, according to the support website. Peer-to-peer payment messages and WhatsApp call history cannot be transferred.
Users who transition between ecosystems have long complained about not being able to bring their WhatsApp conversations with them. Unlike many messaging applications, WhatsApp can only be used with a single phone number and a single smartphone device, as reported by GSM Arena.

Oppo Watch 3 releases in August, first smartwatch with latest Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 processor

The Snapdragon W5 and W5+ wearable chipsets were unveiled by Qualcomm earlier today, and just a few hours later, we already know which smartwatches will run on the two new platforms.
According to GSM Arena, the Oppo Watch 3 is compatible with the Snapdragon W5, and it will be released in August. Franco Li, associate vice president and head of IoT business at Oppo, is the source of the information. We anticipate additional Watch 3 models as he refers to the line as a series, but at least one of them should be the first to use the W5 technology in a real product.
Whether or not this device will be distributed internationally is still up in the air, but we’re hoping it will because the wearables market needs additional competition so badly.
While we’re on the subject of optimism, let’s also say that we’re crossing our fingers that Qualcomm’s promises about the W5 and performance +’s and battery life come true.
With the release of its next-generation TicWatch flagship wristwatch this autumn, Mobvoi will follow Oppo in the smartwatch market.
The first wristwatch powered by the Snapdragon W5+ will be the unidentified TicWatch, which is most likely going to be dubbed TicWatch Pro 4. The source of this information is the business itself, in this case, Mobvoi CEO Zhifei Li.
There are no other official details about these two upcoming product lines, but a previous rumour claimed there will be three Oppo Watch 3 models, as reported by GSM Arena.

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