John Sarraf promises to be the voice of parents in Jericho’s Board of Education


Sarraf is the Co-Founder of Us Alliance Paper, a large corporation of paper products located in Suffolk County Long Island.

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John Sarraf is running for Jericho’s Board of Education, because he knows the importance of learning and wants his children and all of the students in the district to be able to achieve academic excellence. John Sarraf’s mission is to make education a priority. The election will take place on Tuesday, May 17.

Sarraf is the Co-Founder of Us Alliance Paper, a large corporation of paper products located in Suffolk County Long Island.

“Over the last 2 years we have seen a gradual shift in focus towards social and political agendas in many of our schools. Academic excellence has been a hallmark of Jericho schools, and this should be the main goal of the district and the board. Every student in the district should be groomed for success, not to become social justice warriors. There should be no politics or ideology thought in schools, just academic excellence, and independent thinking,” Sarraf said in a statement.

“If elected, I will be a bridge between concerned parents and the school board. There is a need for transparency from the administration and faculty, and I can offer the perspective of the parents to help form administrative policies and help Jericho maintain its position as a top-rated school in the country,” Sarraf said.

“Parents should be informed about the curriculum and what is taught in school and should not be chastised for having questions or opinions. I will be the voice of all parents. My background of being a CEO of a middle market company for the last 25 years gives me a lot of real-life experience in oversight which is a primary job of a trustee,” said the candidate.

“I want to thank all those who have supported me and encouraged me in the last month while my family and I carefully deliberated this important decision. I ask for your support and vote this May,” Sarraf daid.

John Sarraf was raised by his two parents, with his brother in Iran prior to the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini. While spending summers in the United States, John’s family made the difficult but life changing decision to flee their homeland before the revolution. The Sarrafs ended up on the North Shore of Long Island where John attended school in Great Neck North. John says his studies at an American School in Iran helped him make a seamless transition into the public school system here on Long Island.

Sarraf earned his Bachelors degree in Finance from CW Post, and went on to study business at Harvard University. Sarraf spent a decade on Wall Street as a trader, and in 1997 Co-founded US Alliance Paper, a large corporation located in Suffolk County that manufactures paper and tissue products. Today, Sarraf is the CEO of a successful business, overseeing close to 400 employees and making day-to-day decisions based on his knowledge and experience.

John Sarraf now resides in Old Westbury, with his wife Geralda and their two daughters. Both girls are middle school students in the Jericho School district. Johns passions include spending quality time with his family, coaching his daughters in soccer, and in his leisure time he loves playing tennis and the guitar.

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