COVID-19 peak in India

World’s highest number of cases recorded in India

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On Thursday, India has recorded the world’s highest number of COVID-19 cases, 314,835 reported reuters. Amid this second wave of pandemic social media platforms are flooded with the pictures and videos portraying health crisis in various parts of the country.

People are circulating messages on to get medicines and oxygen cylinders. Government authorities are acting tough on black marketing of medicines and other essential items.

Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi has been quoted in various social media posts seeking urgent help from the center government to meet the demand of the oxygen.

According to a tally shared by the Delhi government and the deputy chief minister it was said that six hospitals in New Delhi had run out of oxygen while neighboring states were holding back supplies for their own needs.

In an interview to various electronic media channels Sisodia said that it might become difficult for hospitals here to save lives.

The situations in other parts of the country are also not good. Drug controlling authorities have arrested various persons in connection of black marketing the life saving drugs. Even in a peaceful north Indian state like Himachal Pradesh, a doctor was arrested for manufacturing substandard drug.

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